Trader Joe’s Thai Dry Chili Paste Reviews

(7 customer reviews)

7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Thai Dry Chili Paste Reviews

  1. Melissa

    This was the BEST Thai seasoning I have ever found. So disappointing that it’s been discontinued…..yet another wonderful product that has disappeared.

  2. Steph

    I heartily agree this stuff was so tasty and would be my go-to “umami” add-in for many dishes to easily make them more complex. Still hoarding my last teaspoon’s worth in the fridge (seriously, this stuff keeps!) while desperately seeking a dupe. Perhaps it’s time for some kitchen alchemy ;D

  3. Kena

    Seriously Trader Joe’s. Bring this back. It added a special umph to everything it was added to.

  4. Courtney Hoopingarner


  5. Courtney Hoopingarner

    The best seasoning ever! Nothing compares. Please, please, please!

  6. Amanda M

    PLEASE bring this back. I found this product only 6 months before it was discontinued- and NOTHING compares. I dream about this chili paste often. PLEASE PLEASE bring it back

  7. M C

    Agreed with everyone! Wish it was back. Just wrote an email to them through their website form. Let’s hope it makes a reappearance TT_TT

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