Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Soap Reviews

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19 reviews for Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Soap Reviews

  1. Wes

    Not a fan of this. It didn’t smell like tea tree oil at all (which is even more surprising since tea tree oil is so strong even in very small doses), and didn’t lather as well as a lot of other bar soaps. It also didn’t really seem to do much for skincare. I wouldn’t purchase this one again.

  2. chris

    A great fan of this soap. It has a gentle tea tree oil smell that is not overwhelming. It lathers beautifully and my skin feels great. This has been our everyday soap for many years. I’d like to buy it again but it seems to have disappeared.

  3. Rob

    Fantastic soap. Had been using it for 20 years or so. Seems like TJ’s discontinued it, however.

  4. Steve

    The best soap for my sensitive oily skin. Never any irritation. Been using it for 17 years. But the corporate dummies discontinued it, (just like they did to the Chocolate Ganoche Torte). But, I bought it by the case, and still have enough left until the Rapture! Maranatha!

  5. M Toledo

    Great soap bar. I used it for several years. It helped rid my foot fungus and kept it away but now not available anymore. Now I am on a hunt for a similar one elsewhere. Trader Joes, why get rid such a great product?

  6. Dave

    This is a great soap. I’ve used it for showering and shaving for at least 5 years. It has kept my skin in very good condition. I was very sad to learn today that it has been discontinued. Please bring back this soap. Suggest making the label more flashy.

  7. J.J. Lasne

    Product has disappeared from the shelves a couple months ago. Someone is selling it for $20.00 on eBay….

  8. OG Harmin

    I would usually buy 8 packages at a time when i could find it in stock because it was very popular and always sold out fast.
    I’m on my last bar now and just today I was told this was discontinued!
    Why? Please bring this back, I can’t find anything like it, or at least tell us the vendor who makes it so we can still buy it.

  9. Anna C

    I have used this soap for years. So bummed that I can no longer find it.
    On the bright side, maybe I will no longer have to drive miles out of my way and fight giant crowds to buy soap…

  10. Paula

    Please bring back this soap.

  11. Dina Civiletti

    Can’t understand why they would discontinue a product this wonderful? It didn’t irritate my skin, like every other scented soap. So sad that I can’t get it anymore. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

  12. Regina

    Please bring this soap back…why discontinue a great product!

  13. Steven

    Why did you discontinue this product, tea tree oil soap, please bring it back.

  14. Bill Rogan

    I wish u would bring back the tea tree soap I loved it it was a great soap

  15. Jess

    I still miss this soap, haven’t been able to find a good replacement. I have tried their other soaps and don’t understand why they got rid of ther only good one. I still love tjs but won’t be buying soap from them anymore. So disappointing.

  16. Ella Belle

    The Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Pure Vegetable Soap was the BEST soap EVER! Why, oh why, did tTJ’s have to go discontinue it???

    Has anyone ever found a good replacement for the beloved Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Pure Vegetable Soap? It is the only soap I can use with my eczema skin issues that has been mild enough and not irritating to my skin. I am now down to my last few bars left from my hoard! Please, help me! Thank you!

  17. Customer since 1996

    Need this soap back

  18. Sondra Duffy

    This soap was excellent for our skin. Then one day it was scarce on the shelf, when we asked about it, the cashier said it was being discontinued. We bought 6 packs of it then! We’re using the last bar now, I really wish I could find this excellent soap again!! 🙁

  19. b mac

    BRING BACK THIS SOAP FOR THE LOVE OF GODS CHILDREN! this soap saved my life and so many others why discontinue such an amazing product! id do anything to get my hands on some of this amazing soap again…

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