Trader Joe’s Sugar Snap Peas Reviews

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15 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sugar Snap Peas Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    These were what the perfect sugar snap pea should be, crunchy, crisp, fresh and sweet. They’re tasty when raw but even better when cooked

  2. Edward

    These are the best sugar snap peas I’ve had so far! Sweet, crunchy, crisp and simply good in every way, as snacks or salads, raw or cooked, stir fried or sautéed, these are delicious

  3. James

    These are hit or miss. When they are good, they are delicious. However, they are often very fibrous and inedible. Lately, they are been the latter.

  4. Melissa

    I normally LOVE sugar snap peas, but these are not good raw. I chewed them until I had a mouthfull of strings and had to spit them out. Saving the rest of the bag to cook. Hoping they will be easier to eat.

  5. Anonymous

    I agree with James – some batches have a thick inner film that cannot be chewed. You can check this by trying to snap one inside the bag – if it snaps clean you’re safe, and if it doesn’t, stay away.

  6. Edward

    Yeah, a little tough, but mostly delicious for me. For max flavor, buy from late April to early July

  7. Kyle

    Exactly what James and the other user said. They used to be the best but now they are tough and fibrous. I keep buying them hoping they will change back to what they used to be, but I’ve had no luck.

  8. Clare

    Added them to a yummy dish with TJ’s lemon ricotta raviolis, sauteed bay scallops, wilted arugula and blistered cherry tomatoes. I removed the strings and boiled them with the ravioli. But snap peas were so chewy, woody, fibrous and unpleasant. Detracted from my delicious dish as scallops are a real treat.

  9. MJ in BKLYN

    @Clare: ALWAYS examine the bag and take note of the Sugar Snaps’ country of origin…Those “chewy, woody, fibrous and unpleasant” (and I’ll add: smaller and don’t even cook up well) versions are MOST likely from Guatemala. Historically, TJ’s other SSP packages from the good ol’ U.S.A. and, most of the ones from Mexico have been crispy, easy-to-eat, deeper green color and larger that those from Guatemala. My latest batch, like yours, was a loser…and I’ll return the empty bag to our local Trader with some “not completely satisfied” feedback.

  10. Dennis

    I was looking forward eating sweet sugar snap peas. Very disappointed!! Trader Joe’s normally has good produce. I hardly ever rate anything, but this motivated me to make the effort.

  11. Erica

    Used to love these, but past several times they’ve been chewy, fibrous, and inedible. Didn’t realize they can be returned- will definitely be doing so.

  12. Sherry

    Worst sugar snap peas ever. Ruined my really good stir fry. Thanks to those who posted to not purchase from Guatemala. So disappointed

  13. Sherry

    Worst sugar snap peas ever. Ruined my really good stir fry. Thanks to those who posted to not purchase from Guatemala. So disappointed

  14. Sherry

    So bad. Ruined my stir fry. Inedible.
    Thanks to those that posted to not purchase snow peas from Guatemala

  15. Betsy

    So fibrous they are not edible. No flavor either. Cooking does not improve them

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