Trader Joe’s Spring Cupcake Mix Reviews

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White cupcake mix with green frosting mix and caramel chocolate candies.

3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Spring Cupcake Mix Reviews

  1. Wes

    My wife and I used this to make a cake, and it was really good! We also added crushed oreos, which made it even better. Nice moist and chewy texture (not dry). We used the “flax & water” hack instead of egg whites, and it still tasted great. I actually didn’t put the chocolate caramels on it. I tried them on the side, but I didn’t like them – the chocolate tastes like malted chocolate, not like typical chocolate egg candy. Still, the cake was more than enough without them! I felt like the chocolate was unnecessary to add anyway.

  2. Carrie

    So good! Made them with my 4yo and he was able to help with all the steps except separating eggs. He didn’t like the chocolate caramel eggs (he is picky) so I ended up just eating them separately and not putting them on the cupcakes. I cooked them for only about 16 minutes and they were perfect. The texture and flavor are very good, would definitely recommend!

  3. Dru F.

    Best cupcake ever! The dog ate 6!! Lol I got 4!

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