Trader Joe’s Soy Cheese Blend Reviews

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A blend of shredded cheddar, mozzarella, and jack flavored soy cheese – lactose-free.


6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Soy Cheese Blend Reviews

  1. Ttrockwood

    It melts!!!
    Best flavor from TJs non dairy shredded cheeses, but not something to eat as is. Works great for quesadillas, grilled cheese, and pizza. Eat while hot though, once it is melted and cools the texture gets a bit chewy.
    Soooo much cheaper than Daiya or other nondairy shredded cheese brands!

  2. Eva

    It is not dairy free this shit a fucking scam

  3. Chris

    Bought this thinking it is dairy free and it is not. Used it on pizza it does not melt. I could have just bought regular cheese instead of wasting money on this crap.

  4. Johannes

    Any reasonable customer looking at this cheese would assume it’s vegan. News flash: it’s not. Apparently it’s designed for lactose-intolerant people, but at that rate you could simply remove the lactose, not trick vegans by saying it’s soy cheese. Also, you’d think since they cheated it’d taste like cheese: it doesn’t, still tastes like cardboard.

  5. Diana

    This is extremely dangerous and misleading- advertising as a cheese alternative using soy but still having milk in the ingredients. Sent my son to the ER after one bite. Cannot believe this level of false advertising is allowed. Would sue I am so angry!

  6. D

    They need to change the packaging for the sake of those with allergies. Contains milk protein.

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