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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sour Jelly Beans Reviews

  1. Vinny W.

    Nooo! Just… no. I was excited for these, because I like sour candy and jelly beans. Also, even though when it comes to jelly beans it’s usually only Jelly Belly brand that are good, the regular Trader Joe’s jelly beans are surprisingly good. I also like most of Trader Joe’s other sour candies (with the exception of the tangy turtles which had a weird chemical-y taste).

    However, these were not good at all in my opinion.

    Taste: the ‘sour’ vibe tastes sort of like biting into a lemon wedge. It is sour, but not like sour patch kids type of candy our – more like a really strongly citrus sour. I’m sure that’s because they’re more natural, but the Yum Earth sour jelly beans don’t have that issue and those are much better than this TJ’s version.

    The sour flavor also lasts about 10 seconds. Unfortunately, the texture of these jelly beans is so chewy that they stick around well after any flavor is gone. So you’re basically just stuck chewing on an undesirable texture for awhile. I’ve never had such tough chewy jelly beans before!

  2. Your Mom

    One of the finest sour candies available anywhere. They exceeded my sour candy expectations by a LOT. Most candies that claim they are sour are only mildly sour like Sour Patch bitches – or are very sour at the beginning and then lose their sour taste fast. These TJ’S sour jelly beans are very sour to begin with – and – they maintain most of their sourness throughout mastication (that means chewing – I went to school). It’s pretty amazing.

    I can’t understand people who say they like sour candies – and then finally have a truly sour candy made available for them to purchase and consume – yet they complain that it is too sour!? How does that work? How can someone who says they like sour candy ever feel that a candy is too sour? For sour candy luvahs, a candy is never sour enough!

    Also, this candy is not super super sour like say, Warheads for example. But, it is a wonderfully high level of sour pleasure.

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