Trader Joe’s Jelly Bean Hearts Reviews

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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Jelly Bean Hearts Reviews

  1. Sheryl Robinson

    As an experienced middle-aged mom of three, I get to try a lot of Trader Joe’s. My kiddos were begging me to buy these cute-seeming jellybean hearts last grocery run. But when my youngest, Jimmy-John, came home after bringing the jellybeans in their lunchbox to school, they came crying off the school bus! I was so confused – only for Jimmy-John to tell me that their best pal Ella had thrown up after eating just one of these beyond appalling jellybean hearts. I said “That cannot be true!” and I tried for myself…I was shocked by the truly disgusting flavors and nearly hurled all over my new Jimmy Choo’s. I will repeat; DO NOT BUY THESE! THEY ARE A FUGLY SLUT DO NOT TRUST TRADER JOES! SIncerely, a mom with concerns.

  2. Yanko Israel

    the red ones had maggots and white stuff in it while the white ones tasted like urine.

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