Trader Joe’s Snacky Clusters Reviews

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Corn chip dippers, mini pretzel nuggets, sea salt potato chips, covered in milk chocolate.


6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Snacky Clusters Reviews

  1. Warren

    These are SO good – too good, in fact, because I can’t stop eating them! Very hard to just have a few pieces at a time. I would say that the fillings (the chips and pretzels) aren’t individually that detectable, more just that it tastes like sort of a salty snack covered in chocolate in general. Really good though. I won’t buy them again because I can’t control myself from eating like half the bag lol but they taste great!

  2. Beth

    Probably the best salty/sweet snack I’ve ever had, seriously. They remind me of chocolate no bake cookies, but with more crunch and saltier. So crazy good!!

  3. Anonymous

    These are delicious treats, and the sweetness and saltiness go amazing together. They will make you quite thirsty due to the saltiness and milk chocolate, but that is a price that I would gladly pay to eat a whole bag of them. The pretzels are definitely the bets morsels in them, but everything works so well together!

  4. JLynT

    Chocolate + corn chips is utterly disgusting. Everything else would have worked, but the flavor was awful.

  5. Anonymous

    If it was dark chocolate, I would have given it 5 stars. Milk chocolate is too sweet for me. Nevertheless, it had a nice crunch. The 3 savory snacks were crushed together, so each bite had mixture of each snack. You can’t really tell which snack you’re munching on b/c it’s all melded together as one. Love tasting the savory and sweet at the same time.

  6. Dee DiGiacomo

    Wasn’t a fan, couldn’t put my finger on why. Maybe the balance between sweet and salty? I think if the chocolate were less sweet, I would have appreciated it more.

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