Trader Joe’s Smoked Salmon Bacon Reviews

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Antibiotic-free bacon made of salmon that was farm raised in Scotland.


7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Smoked Salmon Bacon Reviews

  1. Mac

    I broiled it with just a wee bit of olive oil. Good taste and texture. However, the fish smell remains in the kitchen for hours! If you can live with that, good product.

  2. Sherri Garner

    Excited to find this. I do not eat meat, but I miss things like pork, Trders has a few grat substitutes.
    Hard to open the package which can not store the remainder of product. Annoying, but no biggie for me.
    No date code. First package of salmon slices broke in pieces while I was removing it. Was it old? Who knows.
    You need to figure out best way to cook for maximum taste and consistency. I did not cook it crispy enough for my taste first few times. Make sure you pan is very hot, it helps. Does get crispy, but does brown up like regular bacon.

    Delicious alternative to pork with few calories and. FAR healthier.
    Does not shrink, three slices for me more than enough.
    A lot of ways to create your favorite meals with a great twist.
    Not sure, but I think it does not keep well.

    I like this product treated like lox. Great on a croissant with cream cheese,tomato, onion.
    Did an eggs “Benedict type thing” great with Hollandaise.
    Allso great as as BLT Use a grrat quality bread.

  3. kaffrie jones

    I had the best BLT ever. Thanks Trader Joe.

  4. Ayana

    I really liked this product. Smoked salmon bacon!! Tastes like salmon with the texture of turkey bacon. I used olive oil to fry this up. It browned nicely and stayed whole.

  5. Barbara

    Best BLT ever! Loved it!

  6. John Driscoll

    Where in San Diego can we get salmon bacon ?
    I’ve never seen it here in San Diego

  7. Peter S.

    omg i nearly barfed

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