Trader Joe’s Smoked Ghost Chilies Grinder Reviews

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13 reviews for Trader Joe’s Smoked Ghost Chilies Grinder Reviews

  1. Toni

    Baby, these are HOT. But absolutely delicious. Just remember, ghost peppers are exponentially hotter than standard chilies, so try less than you think you need until you get accustomed to the correct portion size. The smokiness is wonderful, and the flavor excellent.

  2. Ryan

    They are wonderful my only problem is they are a seasonal item and are not available till spring. I’m on line now looking to see if I can get them.

  3. Nic

    My girlfriend bought me a bottle of these and wow are they good. They are not for the mild at heart chili head but are very delicious and this spicy food lover can’t get enough of them. The only problem is I can’t seem to find any at the two closest stores. Looks like it may be a seasonal item which is a shame as I think I’m going through withdrawals.

  4. Bill

    What makes this product so versatile is that it adds anywhere from a small amount of heat (1/8) of a turn of the grinder, or a tremendous amount of heat (anything more). BUT, what is UNIQUE about the smoked ghost pepper grinder from Trader Joe’s is that it adds little or no flavor to whatever you’re putting the ghost pepper in. Habaneros, for instance, and by contrast, add a strong, “sickeningly” sweet unique flavor, as does the Trinidad Scorpion pepper. Some people like the flavor, I don’t, but it flavors the dish with this unique taste. Other ghost peppers have a variable degree of flavor. The smoked ghost pepper grinder from The Trader adds no flavor, just heat…….It seems to be a seasonable product, so buy a bunch when they come out. Just before the “season”, they’ve sold for $40.00 on the internet… Also, don’t be disappointed when The Trader says they’ll have them in 2 months. They might not have them for 9 months. Just check every time you’re there, or you can attempt to pre-order and have them call you. (worked in 1 out of 3 stores).

  5. jennifer Stumpf

    Love love this stuff!!!! Waiting for it to come back in stores definitely will stock up this time since I didn’t know it was only a seasonal item

  6. Troy G

    I usually do not even have to turn the grinder. Just a few shakes over a portion of food and good to go! I sample a lot of hot sauces and peppers, and this is one of my favorite. Quite spicy, only takes a dusting, and a very nice smokey flavor that goes well with many things. I wish it was stocked year round!

  7. Tony

    Made me extremely sick in the middle of the night and next day. Vomiting and diarrhea. First time putting them on pizza and most likely put too much on a slice.

  8. Mike

    Very good product. I have grown Bhut Jokolai and watched many people scream they are dying a horrible death from trying without heeding the warnings,

  9. Fernando

    Bought several to take to my friends in Puerto Rico, we use a lot of hot sauce on our fried foods, Grinded peppers are a little different. Definitely took my bacon candy to a different level. Plan is to use it with some wings.

  10. Ed

    LOVE,LOVE, LOVE these! They are now my go to seasoning – awesome on pizza, soups, casseroles- and man are they hot! If it doesn’t have buffalo sauce on it, it gets these. Just wish I knew it was a seasonal item and not available again till spring. Now I will have to hoard what i have left thru the winter.

  11. DP

    Extremely spicy with a great but subtle smoked flavor. Respect this product or it will make you pay. If you like it hot then this stuff is indispensable. It takes so little to get high heat levels that it does not interfere with the other flavors of dishes, making it perfect for adding some heat without changing the taste or texture of recipes.

  12. Mitsuolee

    Love the heat! I sprinkle it on almost everything I eat. I love it in my sandwiches, ramen, soups and stews. It just adds a little zing. About two or three twists from the grinder, awesome!

  13. John A

    Honestly my favorite seasoning in the cabinet. Wife and kids won’t touch it so more for me!! As many have already said, it is a seasonal product, so check for it every time you’re in TJ’s. When you see it, take all of it but one bottle, I mean you’re not an animal right?!? This stuff takes pizza, spaghetti, soups, wings, queso dip to a whole new level. Just bought three bottle on Amazon for $8 each.

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