Trader Joe’s Shrimp Toast Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Shrimp Toast Reviews

  1. kdk

    These were ok. The top was a little rubbery and dry, but they did have a mild shrimp taste. They improved with a little soy sauce. I will have no trouble finishing the box, but i also won’t be puchasing again

  2. Sam

    I actually really liked these. They sounded a little weird, but after baking them, they were pretty tasty. I plan to buy them again.

  3. Barbara Wells

    I really enjoyed these. I dipped them in a mixture of Chinese mustard and chili garlic sauce for a delightful lunch. Easy to prepare and ready in 8 minutes.

  4. Rkh

    Thought kind of strange idea so resisted buying but once I did, I was hooked! I take a few everyday with soup.

    Cannot really pinpoint taste but deer crunch of goodness.

    You must try before they disappear

  5. Anonymous

    Great with Duck Sauce

  6. Naomi Montgomery

    Was heaven on earth
    Whhhhhyyyyy would you stop carrying these
    What do we have to do to bring these babies back?

  7. Arelis Ortiz

    The best item Trader Joe’s ever had . I miss these so much.

  8. Lauren W.

    Why were these, along with nearly every other product I purchased faithfully, discontinued? I rarely shop at Trader Joe’s anymore. Very disappointing.

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