Trader Joe’s Sesame Seed Sprouted Wheat Bagels Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sesame Seed Sprouted Wheat Bagels Reviews

  1. Mike in Napa

    Why have these bagels been discontinued??!?!?~! What is in their place on your shelves as a replacement are a poor shadow of these!


  2. Lisa Brown

    Missing these and the whole grain options.
    I was told they were discontinued die to lack of popularity, but they were always sold out before the 3 flavors TJs decided to keep!
    Perhaps it was a stocking issue…
    There are no TJ whole grain bagel options at all now

  3. peaches

    Bring back whole wheat sesame bagels!!!!

  4. Linda Wenger

    Miss the sesame seed sprouted wheat bagels! Nothing else like them…not even close.

  5. Sachika

    I really miss these bagels . We used to eat them everyday Please bring back

  6. Leslie

    Hands down the best bagel and so tragic that they aren’t available. This one item used to bring me into Trader Joe’s on a regular basis. Bring back Sprouted Wheat Bagels!

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