Trader Joe’s Harvest Bagels Reviews

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Harvest Bagels Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    The best bagel. wish I could get them year around. I purchased 6 six packs last time and put in my freezer

  2. Linda

    I loved these Bagels, and was looking forward to their return this season. Very disappointed they are not back. Where else can I buy them?

  3. Nomi

    I agree!! Been looking for them since Sept, and yesterday found out my local TJs isn’t stocking them this year. 🙁 Bring them back. Year round!

  4. Jacque R.

    I also agree! I’m so bummed… I think they discontinued them after last year (2016). I bought 2 pkgs and froze them… trying to make them last as long as I could. But, they’re the best! TJs bring back the Harvest bagels.. 🙁 ;(

  5. Leah

    I am also SO sad. These are one of my all-time favorite TJ’s items and no stores in my area are carrying them. BRING THESE BACK@

  6. Sharon

    Yes! Please, please bring them back! Just had a leftover turkey sandwich on a harvest bagel from a package stored in my freezer last year, and it was still as delicious as I recall. Can’t believe they would discontinue these… but then again, I couldn’t believe they would discontinue the brownie crisp coffee ice cream sandwiches either. Sigh.

  7. Dale

    Aldi has them right now, I think just until year end. They taste just like the Trader Joe’s to me. I packed as many in my freezer as I could.

  8. xtra1188w

    The Harvest Bagels were wonderful but I was told by a Trader Joe’s employee that TJ’s changed suppliers for those types of bakery products, and the new one does not make anything similar to the Harvest Bagels.

  9. Morelia

    Best bagels i have ever eaten! Really bummed that they discontinued. I would buy them all year round no matter what price. My family and i would buy several bags and freeze because we never wanted to run out. Wish there was a way to get a hold of these delicious bagels again…i have contemplated trying to make them myself

  10. Rebecca

    My heart (and tastebuds) weeps in fond remembrance of the Harvest Bagel. I literally had a dream about them recently and it was bittersweet to recall the tender chewy treats toasted up and slathered with a little butter. I am now seeking a recipe so I can try to create some semblance in my own kitchen.

  11. Ann

    BRING THEM BACK ALREADY! My family and friends, and obviously many others, miss the discontinued Harvest Bagels. Why won’t you just go back to the supplier/baker and get them in your stores. Or if you won’t, tell us who the supplier/baker is and maybe we can buy them elsewhere.

    Has anyone seen them in Aldi this fall?? I haven’t. Someone above said Aldi had them last fall….

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