Trader Joe’s Truffley Soy Sauce Reviews

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with natural mushroom and truffle flavors.

1 review for Trader Joe’s Truffley Soy Sauce Reviews

  1. PomMom

    I really enjoyed Trader Joe’s truffle soy sauce! It is really depending on what you choose to pair it with but I found it to have a really potent truffle flavor which is what I was going for. So far I have drizzled it over sushi bake and it really is overpowering which I wanted. It’s flavor reminds me of similar upscale restaurants where I’ve had truffle sushi/sashimi like at Catch and Nobu. I’m not sure if this is a first time introduction for this product but I hope it remains a long-standing product. If I order any sushi I will probably use this soy sauce over the packaged ones. I love tuna and salmon with truffle. I will brainstorm a few more ideas about what I could use it with truffle soy sauce But luckily this is a shelf stable product. I also eat sushi once a week so I see myself going through this product really fast. Yum!!!

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