Trader Joe’s Truffley Soy Sauce Reviews

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with natural mushroom and truffle flavors.

9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Truffley Soy Sauce Reviews

  1. PomMom

    I really enjoyed Trader Joe’s truffle soy sauce! It is really depending on what you choose to pair it with but I found it to have a really potent truffle flavor which is what I was going for. So far I have drizzled it over sushi bake and it really is overpowering which I wanted. It’s flavor reminds me of similar upscale restaurants where I’ve had truffle sushi/sashimi like at Catch and Nobu. I’m not sure if this is a first time introduction for this product but I hope it remains a long-standing product. If I order any sushi I will probably use this soy sauce over the packaged ones. I love tuna and salmon with truffle. I will brainstorm a few more ideas about what I could use it with truffle soy sauce But luckily this is a shelf stable product. I also eat sushi once a week so I see myself going through this product really fast. Yum!!!

  2. GEND

    It is what it says it is! For soy sauce, it compares to the ones from Asian grocery stores and the subtle truffle taste is a nice addition – it kind of adds an extra saltiness. The truffle is not very potent in taste, but very potent in smell

  3. Jeff

    Oh Lordy lord…the smell is intense. I couldn’t keep it in the pantry because it made the whole space smell like truffles. If the soy sauce is any indication, truffles smell like a year old wet basement. We had some at dinner one night and four out of five of us had to either cover our noses or Leave the Room until the soy sauce was off the table.

  4. Anonymous

    The smell overwhelmed our entire pantry! Wondering if refrigeration would help, but hoping the whole refrigerator doesn’t end up stinking.
    If so, going to have to throw it out. Taste is good, smell is not so be warned.

  5. Kiki

    Amazing ! The smell is intoxicating, so much truffle so much flavorful

  6. Just joe

    Wonderful truffle smell, flavor is really good. Maybe not as strong as some people want, but still much more flavorful and good smelling than many truffle flavored oils. Bought one, used a little bit then ran out and bought another because I liked it some much.

  7. Rosa

    The combination is unusual rendering it an odd flavour that is difficult to pair with dumplings and other more bland foods. I don’t recommend this at all.

  8. Marie

    So delicious and addictive. A little goes a long way, which is good since the bottle is small and pricey. I use regular reduced-sodium soy sauce as my main soy sauce and then add just a drizzle of TJ’s Truffley Soy Sauce for a punch of umami flavor. I love it so much that I started buying extra bottles of it every time I went to Trader Joe’s so that I could have a back-up supply in my pantry. Glad I did, since they’ve now stopped selling it. Supposedly it’s a seasonal item. Not sure why. I really hope it comes back. Super confused by people saying that their whole pantry smelled of the stuff. I have several sealed bottled in my pantry, and I can’t smell it. Open bottles go in the refrigerator, and I can’t smell it in there either.

  9. Sapphire725

    I really like Tj Truffley soy sauce. I really wish I purchased another bottle because I went and it was no longer available. I have a corner left. I am also trying to figure out what smell they are referring too. It didn’t bother me

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