Trader Joe’s Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk Cookies Reviews

(9 customer reviews)

Comes with three chocolate chip cookies.


9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk Cookies Reviews

  1. C.M.

    So good! I don’t always love Trader Joe’s chocolate chip cookies (at least not compared to other brands), but these are probably my favorite that I’ve had from them. I love how chewy they are, and the sea salt amount is perfect! It really complements the chocolate. It also comes with 3 pretty huge cookies, which is cool.

  2. Janis

    These are so good. I’ve been to trader joes 3 days in a row to buy more they are always sold out. I just wish they would order more.

  3. Megan

    They look good, they have the perfect chewy texture, but they taste funky. Kind of earthy… Definitely not The Very Best Cookie.

  4. Olimpia

    OH MY GOODNESS! These are the best cookies ever. I’m more of a brownie person, but these cookies are now my favorite dessert. They’re a perfect blend of chewy, chocolatey, and sea salty. I got these yesterday thinking they would last me a bit, nope. I am going back today for more.

  5. Ali

    I have never see these amazing sea salt chocolate chip cookies, but I never really look, I try to zoom past this section once I found they stopped selling their lemon squares bc they were delicious. I didn’t need another craving haha. But WOW, I will be looking more often, though I really shouldn’t. Thx TJs!

  6. Joy M. Baker

    I thought this cookie was one of the very best cookies I have ever had in my 74 years of life. They were absolutely to die for. I wanted to eat all three of them at the same sitting. Oh my God, they were delicious. Chocolate cookies are my absolute favorite and I cannot wait to go back and buy more for me and my friends. Please do not stop selling these cookies.

  7. AGL

    Omg, just tried this cookie for the first time. I usually pay $4-$5 for one gluten free cookie at a bakery so this is not only a deal but also so delicious.

  8. Noyan

    With one bite existence came to a standstill.

  9. Reece Caldwell

    These are AMAZING!!! They are soooo tasty and huge!! My favorite thing about them is that they are only 200 calories!!!! Your average chocolate chip cookie is 350-450 calories and some much smaller (Jimmy John’s 410 calories, Chick-fil-A 350 calories). Love love love, my new favorite dessert!

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