Trader Joe’s Salmon Pinwheels Reviews

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Spinach and Mediterranean style herb feta cheese wrapped in salmon in a spiral shape.


6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Salmon Pinwheels Reviews

  1. Brianna

    These were excellent! The guy working at TJ’s told me he pan sears the salmon before cooking it cause it maintains the flavor. He was not wrong. I seared the salmon on medium heat for 3 min on each side then oven baked for 13 min at 400. They came out super flavorful and delicious. I topped mine with lemon juice, salt and pepper. I hope they keep these in stock because I am now a huge fan.

  2. barbara

    Oh …a splash of olive oil enhances the flavor of this tastey dish after removing from oven.

  3. S A

    I love cooking and eating salmon, and I thought this would be great to try. Boyyyyyy was I wrong, it was honestly the worst salmon I ever tried in my entire life. Mediterranean style label should be removed off the package because the disrespect in the flavor is real!
    I’ll stick to Costco and farmers market for my Alaskan salmon

  4. LB

    I pan seared mine in a hot nonstick pan for about 5 minutes each side. splashed plenty of lemon juice on while cooking.. used thermometer to make sure the salmon got to 145. I think it’s delicious! The salmon is moist and melts in your mouth. I didn’t ad anything but the lemon juice. Delicious quick meal!

  5. Mn

    The package should suggest ways to prepare. I haven’t eatten them as I don’t know how to prepare

  6. Dharmadm

    My husband loves these. I will make my own from now on as these are farmbraised salmon with added color. BTW use the suggested recipe from Brianna. You don’t need to seer but the oven temp 400 and timing 12 min is pretty accurate (oven temps vary)

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