Trader Joe’s Smoked Salmon Dip with Capers Reviews

(13 customer reviews)

13 reviews for Trader Joe’s Smoked Salmon Dip with Capers Reviews

  1. Dorothy

    This salmon dip is delicious. With the holidays coming it would be a great item to keep on hand for gatherings and something to serve when unexpected guests arrive

  2. Anonymous

    Yummy with TJ organic unsalted tortilla chips

  3. Cyndi Frame

    This is the BEST DIP ever!!! Why is it gone from the shelves in Northern VA and NYC????

  4. Pamela Cameron

    I was told at a Santa Monica, CA store that this AMAZING dip has been discontinued. Say it isn’t so!!!

  5. Geoff

    This stuff is amazing. Didn’t have it in store today and was told it was discontinued. Say it isn’t so!!! Bring it back!

  6. Anonymous

    This was disgusting. Why is there liquid smoke and mayonnaise?

  7. Alan Manewitz

    Why is this discontinued? The “replacement” vegan salmon dip is disgusting.

  8. George Turnbull

    WTF Trader Joe are you nuts?!? This product has a solid following and you want to discontinue it???????

  9. Susan Robinet

    Alright hippies, you’ve gone too far and now I’m forced to make a PSA. TJ’s Salmon dip with capers was my favorite item and I made a special trip to get some yesterday, that was in the same place on the shelf as my regular dip, and didn’t realize until I took a big bite that it was Vegan “Salmonesque” Spread, some gelatinous pink booger spread whose ingredients are too long and full of too much poisonous fake preservative filler crap to list. You think you’re doing this for your health but all you’re doing is filling your body with nutrient poor sugars and garbage fillers. What did cream cheese ever do to you?

  10. Jay


  11. Anonymous

    Bring it back now!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous

    PLEASE BRING THIS BACK! I almost cried in the store when the sales rep told me it was discontinued 🙁

  13. Anonymous

    Yuck! Cat food is surely better

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