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6 reviews for Roule Rouge Organic Red Table Wine Reviews

  1. Petra

    I wish I could give zero stars. It tastes like a rubber tire was fermented along with the wine. Just acrid and unpleasant and undrinkable, two thumbs down. We succumbed to the great price and bought several bottles. Tj’s is a 3 hour round-trip for us so we are not going to drive all the way there to return them. Lesson learned, cheap wine is cheap for a reason.

  2. Mike Marinkov

    Excellent red mellow wine in my opinion. I went out of my way to buy some.
    Opinions are like (you know what!) Everyone has one so no one opinion is gospel.

  3. Mel

    Wine is good. No complaints. Pretty good for certified organic wine. Price is really good. I did pour using an aerator. I’ll purchase again.

  4. Bob

    I’m going to use the words from a previous review on this wine, he stated it was so bad that it tasted as if they fermented an old tire with his batch. I have to agree, I drink a lot of $3-$8 wine, and this the worst tasting ever…I could only stand 3 sips hoping it would get better, but no. I won’t even pour it down the drain for fear that it may harm my septic system.

  5. Tom R

    This wine is a bit odd tasting, but has some delightful qualities. Yes, the minty floral raspberry is very dominant, but it’s not a typically boring Merlot either, so if you just think of it as homemade or boutique, you could really love it… seriously. And how nice to know it’s organic, has no added sulfites, and is terroir cheap, uh inexpensive..

  6. Robin

    Oh my, I was looking for something a little different to try but did not expect this! It tastes like communion wine that oxidized for a week uncorked!

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