Trader Joe’s Ridge Cut Potato Chips Seasoned with Horseradish & Chives Reviews

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36 reviews for Trader Joe’s Ridge Cut Potato Chips Seasoned with Horseradish & Chives Reviews

  1. Sueda

    Me and my 3 kids are addicted to it, I bought 2 bags to try, fell in love with it and bought 4 more but sadly, when I went back for the 3rd time, it was gone, done for the season. My only question is, why? I want them whenever I want.

  2. Bob

    We love these things too and the same thing happened to us. I’m eating the crumbs now. When are they coming back in season? I want them now and all year long. This is bogus man!

  3. Sabrina

    I really believe these should be year round. They are the best horseradish chip I have ever tried. They would fly off the shelf every week if they were in stock year round. I love Trader Joe’s and the fact that they do things seasonal because it makes you appreciate everything. I just wish these weren’t! =]

  4. UNA

    Love love Horseradish chip! Should not be seasonal. Can it be all year around??? PLEASE!!!!!!

  5. Jackie A Erbstein

    These are the most delicious and addictive chips. Great crunch and amazing taste and cannot understand why there were only available for about two months. Please bring them back so we can buy all year round. Thank you.

  6. Cindy Snap

    Found these a few years ago, during holidays. TJs was new to me & I didn’t know some things were seasonal. Why is horseradish seasonal? It isn’t like pumpkin. I don’t put horseradish on steaks only in the winter. Two of my cashiers both said they had not gotten a chance to try them before they were gone. Last year I made a point to look every week after Halloween. No luck. Then, hooray, back this year in December! Now they’re gone again! If I had a freezer I would have stocked up. PLEASE bring these back all year. I found a very disappointing bag from another company online. Please return the wonderful horseradish chips!

  7. KB

    PLEASE STOCK THESE YEAR ROUND!!! I had them for the first time this season and I’m addicted but they are gone!

  8. Anne

    I love these chips and have a serious craving for them, but sadly you don’t have them anymore. Please bring them back!

  9. Liffort Hobley

    Where are my chips!!!!

  10. cathy/OKC

    please bring them back…I too am addicted

  11. ChristineZak

    OMG.. WHEN DO THESE COME BACK??? I have been searching the internet to see when they do so I can go scoff them all…. holidays, winter-ish was all I got. Ugghhhh.. make these year round, they are WAY better than horseradish and cheddar.. BY FAR!!! PLEASE HURRY THEM TO THE SHELVES…..

  12. Vanessa Gallo

    It’s October, please bring back the horseradish chips!!

  13. Alexis

    #1) We bought a bag – my boyfriend ate the entire thing and didn’t share a single one. (Oct)
    #2) My boyfriend buys two bags, at least this time I got some of a bag (Nov)
    #3) Pre Thanksgiving, we try to buy a bag – TJs is sold out, but is “getting more”. (Nov)
    #4) TJs is no longer carrying the horseradish and chive chips (as of December 2019)
    All of the cashiers at my local TJs are also mourning their loss. One guy said his kid was asking for the “spicy chips”. He had to disappoint them. Please bring these back year round. PLLLEEEASSEEEE!!!!

  14. Jennifer

    I went today to get more. Was told they are seasonal. WTHeck??? I am now finishing off the crumbs of the last bag.
    Guess I’ll have to go back to my old standby…Truffle Chips. Probably a good thing they are gone because I had no self-control.

  15. Ekayy47

    I more than likely wouldn’t buy these again. I tasted more chip than anything else. Random notes of horseradish but still struggling to taste the chive.

  16. Lynn F.

    Absolutely amazing, totally addictive. I had one bag which I managed, with much self-control, to savor over two days and now I find out they are gone. I made a trip to TJ’s with a list of items I needed, but really, all that mattered today was the chips! Please, make these available year-round.

  17. Karen

    Oh Trader Joe’s – Why in this of all years, did you not produce enough of these wonderful chips? I went in on Nov. 1 (when I was expecting them) and bought four bags. I have 2 1/2 bags left, since somehow I can control myself. I called a store today and was told they are gone for the season. Why? These are the best chips ever. I think about them all year. Next year I will purchase a case.

  18. Margi

    I am so upset that the chips I have waited for ALL year are no longer here for the season. I purchased only one bag before Thanksgiving thinking I would have all of the holiday season to have them. I am so bummed. PLEASE consider having them for a longer season or all year round, they are my favorite chips by far in the store.


    The most delicious and addicting type of chips I have ever had. No just eating one can do. I couldn’t work, clean house, because I kept looking to eat more chips! Please bring these back! It’s not fair to get us hooked and then discontinue the brand for the season!!

  20. Anonymous

    The absolute best potato chips. I got these the first year they came out and went back for 5 more bags. PLEASE bring them back and for a longer time period. Like maybe all winter. They are great with other foods like burgers and have so much flavor you don’t need a dip.

  21. Horseradish chip hater

    My taste buds are well seasoned. I have no idea how this has such good reviews. These chips are VILE. The aftertaste is like licking armpit (don’t ask me know I know well you can’t either way) man I couldn’t even finish one chip. I hate the surprise armpit attack I get when I bit into the first chip. It started off so good then BAM. I mean if you like nasty stuff go ahead and buy it. If your kids like this take them to therapy because my sweet child legit turned into Rocky he was so ready to punch me. Ok bye thanks for reading .

  22. g0z

    my favorite chip ever, I wish they had them more than like 2 months a year and they SELL OUT INSTANTLY here so I need to buy like 10 bags next time they get some if they even do! HOARD THEM SHITS LIKE TP

  23. Myra

    Why are these seasonal? TraderJoes can make more money having them available year round. These are the best potato chips I have ever eaten! Please make them available all year!!

  24. Evan Bliss

    So delicious! Please put them back on the shelves!

  25. John Roefaro

    make these available all year round!!

  26. Kevin

    These are absolutely disgusting & you won’t like them one bit….please send ALL of your Horseradish & chives chips to me for our consumption,….er, uh, proper disposal. 😉
    Seriously though, the only thing wrong with these chips is that they’re seasonal.
    Please, please, please, pretty please… won’t you please bring these back year round – or at least 3 or 4 times a year 🙂

  27. Donna

    I found these in October and fell in love. Best chip around. I am Canadian and getting to a Trader Joe’s is a real treat for us. When friends were going to TJ in November and asked if I wanted anything, my response were these chips. What a terrible surprise that there are seasonal. Please stock them permanently so that Canadians who only get to TJ’s occasionally will always find them.

  28. kmm

    Please for the love of God, bring these chips back. I just tried the truffle chips, which are okay but literally can’t hold a candle to the horseradish chips. I’m not even a chip person yet I find myself jonesin’ for more…

  29. Ashley

    I had these chips 2 years ago and have been waiting for their return. Not sure if I’ve just missed them at my local TJs or they haven’t arrived yet. Either way, hands down the most delicious chips! Wish I buy them again

  30. Vivian C

    So good, please let it come back again!! My picks kids are falling in love with this chips, they asking me to buy them every day

  31. Hiram walker

    I ate 12 bags one night.

  32. Tina in Cali

    Same here! For the love of Mike, PLEASE bring the Horseradish and Chives potato chips back all year. They are a sell-out, so bring back a sure thing! Thank you SO MUCH, in advance!

  33. John in NC

    Love these chips. The sad thing to me is they sell out so quickly (usually only one weekend in my hometown store) They are available year round, but only on eBay (2-8 times TJ’s price) through the unscrupulous buyers that hoarded them in the short span we get to buy them. If there was any other reason to make them year round it would be to stop that greedy practice.

  34. Rhonda W.

    And here I was thinking I was one of few that felt this way! This request goes back to 2019! I was leaving out of emergency Kaiser Hospital in Downey and a few people were eating these chips they looked like they were enjoying them much I asked the guy what was the flavor and he offered to pour some in my hand to taste.OMG the taste was indescribably delicious! If it weren’t 4 of them I wasn’t 64 I would have snatched the bag and ran lolololol jk maybe. I have been on a journey ever since and running into the same results as here. I hope they hear our cry and start stocking them in all stores really soon

  35. Gillian Lee

    I agree with everyone else on the Horseradish and chive Potato chips, they are definitely the best potato chips I’ve ever had, only discovered today they were seasonal and no more available ☹️

  36. Dave Snyder

    I never write reviews. This is by far my favorite chip. Wish it was there year round.

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