Trader Joe’s Red Leicester Cheese Reviews

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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Red Leicester Cheese Reviews

  1. Suzie

    I love this cheese (pronounced “Lester”) which is why I was devastated to learn it was no longer available. I think the label is misleading. This is not a pepper cheese nor is it hot or spicy. It is somewhat soft and slightly sweet. Perfect with red wine, with or without crackers. Please, please, please come back!

  2. Anonymous

    Yes, this label is incorrect. There are no chili or red bell peppers. The TJs here in California has been carrying this for the last couple of years including this year. To me, it’s okay, semi-hard like cheddar with a hint of sweetness. It tasted boring to me. Tastes like some other cheese I’ve had before, but can’t pinpoint which one, maybe a little like gouda meets unexpected cheddar.

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