Trader Joe’s Raspberry Stars Cookies Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Raspberry Stars Cookies Reviews

  1. Cheryl

    OMG. These are so good. It was soft cakey cookie heaven at the first bite. I’m going to be heading back to Trader Joes to buy some for holiday gifts. It’s the perfect holiday sweet treat with a cup of coffee.

  2. LEE

    These cookies are insanely delicious-OMG I have to stop myself from eating the whole box (portion control A MUST)
    Thank you Trader Joe’s these cookies are fantastic!

  3. Ryanne Donovan

    Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. I brought cookies in to work from my local bakery. They’re really good. Someone else had brought these star cookies in. Well, l totally forgot about the local bakery cookies and couldn’t stop eating and talking about these star cookies!!! Sooo delicious. I don’t even know where any Trader Joe’s are, but I will find one just to get more of these cookies!!!

  4. Sue

    These are amazing!

  5. E. Staeheli

    Yes, they are delicious, and they make a good holiday dessert or gift, and a great take to work treat. However, they are really crumbly.
    Trader Joe’s is a West Coast company. Finally, we have something you guys out in the East don’t have!

  6. Julie

    These are AMAZING! I love these cookies and can polish off a box in 24 hours because they are so addictive. In February they have them in heart shape for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, they are not available 365 days a year. 🙁

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