Trader Joe’s Premium Chunk Canned White Chicken Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Premium Chunk Canned White Chicken Reviews

  1. Tom

    Just horrible, stay away from this one. Dry shreds, no flavor.

  2. Melodie Durham

    Love this canned chicken! It tastes great and I use it all the time! It’s a fantastic pantry stable for a quick meal.

  3. Gail Goodyear

    Trader’s Joe’s Premium Chunk White Chicken 12.5 oz was unavailable when I shopped at the Redding Trader Joe’s today 7/27/2022. The clerk said Trader Joe’s was resourcing the product as the price increase was too high from the current supplier. Please note that your Premium Chunk White Chicken is one of the only with chicken, water and salt and the ingredients. This is important to consumers who cannot eat monosodium glutamate or natural flavorings which are in the other brands of canned chicken. I am willing to pay a high price to avoid those additives. Thank you for continuing to omit monosodium glutamate and natural flavorings from this product. I look forward its return to your shelves.

  4. Bummed about no more canned chicken

    I also want to talk about restocking your canned chicken. It is the number one product that we buy at your store and is the primary reason that we regularly shop there. Please bring it back, even if it is at a higher cost. Whoever your vendor was gave you a superior product and probably deserves more for it. It is the only canned chicken I’ve enjoyed for the last decade. Please bring it back!

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