Trader Joe’s Somewhat Spicy Dill Flavored Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Reviews

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Somewhat Spicy Dill Flavored Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Reviews

  1. Wes

    These taste, unsurprisingly, like a potato chip version of the TJ’s popcorn in a pickle. The dill taste is very strong, so if you love dill, then you’ll probably be a big fan. Given that I think dill is only so-so, these weren’t really my cup of tea, but the potato chips were cooked perfectly.

  2. Rachel

    These are incredibly delicious! As a big fan of both potato chips and dill, this is the perfect tasting snack. The kettle-cooked chips are great, and the dill flavoring is superb. I was worried it would be too spicy (since it’s labeled as “somewhat spicy”), but it’s really more in the aftertaste that you get the spice. The chips themselves aren’t too hot — just tasty!

  3. Lena

    I love these new TJ’s chips! I didn’t realize I liked dill so much, but apparently I do, because these are addictive — I could probably eat the whole bag! I’m not sure who the cartoon guy on the front of the bag is supposed to be, but if he had anything to do with these chips, I salute him 😉

  4. Betsy Hernandez

    I’m curious to try these, are they vegan?

  5. Alioop 812

    I have found my favorite chip!

  6. Sally

    They were “ok” but not great. I had another company’s dill pickle potato chip and loved them so I thought I’d love these. I was disappointed. Definitely not a do again.

  7. Venessa

    I’m so in love with this potato chip. Same goes with a handful of my co-workers who got me addicted to this. I tried other brand kettle chips and after a few chips I usually end up throwing the bag away due to the hard texture. But the TJ’s somewhat spicy dill flavored kettle cooked potato chips are the real deal. The chip is crunchy, easy to chew, not too spicy, and the amount of dill flavor is just perfect. I really have to say this is truly my favorite potato chip EVER!!!

    Very sad this product is no longer on the shelf. Hoping this is a seasonal item and it will come back in the summer like the Popcorn In A Pickle. If it does come back. Will definitely have to stock up to get me through the next winter.

  8. Lisa

    These are amazing, please do not discontinue them!! I was told they were seasonal,when can we expect them back?
    Having withdrawals already lol.

  9. PC

    These are literally perfect. I fear the day TJ’s discontinues them. Long live the dill pickle chip!

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