Trader Joe’s Pizza Seasoned Shredded Toscano Cheese Reviews

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Pizza Seasoned Shredded Toscano Cheese Reviews

  1. Shar

    This stuff is so good. You can really put it on anything; even random sauteed veggies. It has such a good taste and texture. I love cooking all kinds of stuff with it!

  2. Sharon Wildermann

    Can’t live without this cheese…..Going back for at least 10 more bags of this for my freezer.

  3. allison

    most disgusting cheese ive ever tried in my life

  4. Juliet

    Honestly it’s the best cheese you’ll ever use to cook with or just eat!!!! Trust me you need this in your life!!!!

  5. Scott

    It doesn’t melt and just gushes out fake pizza flavored oil into your pizza base. I poured the excess oil off twice. It’s horrible.

  6. Sebastian

    Doesn’t melt, SO greasy, SO salty

  7. Patrick

    Horrible. Doesn’t melt at all. Just weeps oil and bakes into chewy little shreds. Ruined an entire pizza.

  8. Dan

    Use it for salads and seasoning vegetables. Don’t use it on pizza. It is pizza-flavored cheese, not cheese for pizza, unless perhaps you mix it sparingly with Mutz.

  9. Anonymous

    Didn’t melt on pizza

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