Trader Joe’s Phyllo Dough Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Phyllo Dough Reviews

  1. Ingrid Mikuliza

    The first time I used Trader Joe’s “Phyllo dough” Net Wt. 15.85 oz. was absolutely fantastic and it made my DAY!
    This Phyllo dough not only handled so much easier due to the right consistency than any other dough I’ve tried in the past! It is the easiest dough to work with and I will keep it in my freezer. It also contained the right amount of sheets in the package! Other phyllo dough packages were always too much or too thin. The Greeks know how to make Phyllo dough…Thank God for this Phyllo dough at Trader Joe’s, I will continue to buy and keep in my freezer….Thank you so much for making it available!! Loved it…

  2. Anonymous

    The dough itself is really good stuff. However, the packaging is a real nuisance. The box is particularly long, which makes it difficult to store in your typical fridge/freezer. And the sheets of dough themselves are extra long, which means you probably have to do some trimming. Again, not a huge deal, but enough of a nuisance that I took off one star. If they changed the packaging I’d buy more of this…as it is, it doesn’t fit in my freezer so when I buy the dough, I have to use it immediately.

  3. Anonymous

    This Phyllo is easy to handle and.pliable, but that is probably because the sheets are twice as thick as Athens brand. With only 11 full sheets per box, you can hardly make a pan of baklava. The resultant pastry is rather chewy, though the top remains flaky. I was thrilled with the price and so bought three boxes before testing it. I will use them up for spanikopita, but will not buy again.

  4. Gina

    Only 11 sheets? Thank you for your info, I was planning on shopping at TJ’s for all the ingredients to make a pan of baklava, I’ll need 4 boxes, yikes. NO THANKS, I’ll shop elsewhere. You saved me a trip!

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