Trader Joe’s Passion Fruit Rounds Reviews

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Fruit snacks.


5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Passion Fruit Rounds Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    So damn good!

  2. Anonymous

    Taste like any other dried fruit. Chewy and stick to teeth. Slices are thin. Added sugar is not needed. Better if there was no added sugar. More like 2.5.

  3. Regan

    Please continue selling these… I went last week and got a few to try and I’m devastated that they are sold out this week. Please, please make these a staple!

  4. Sara O

    This is so soooo yummy!! If it was just a taaaad less sweet it’d be a ten but still!!!

  5. Amanda

    I’m so upset. I saw these on the new items shelf and knew I had to try them. They are delicious, but I’m painfully aware of how fast TJ’s rotates items (i’ll miss you forever, cheesecake truffles), so I went back the next day…and bought the five remaining packages. I’m heartbroken, I grocery shop at TJ’s every week and have not seen them since that fateful day. I hope they restock them and make them a permanent fixture with the other dried fruit options.

    If you see these at a store near you (and like passionfruit), my recommendation is to buy as many as you can. They are the perfect “dessert” to a weekly meal prep that satisfies a sweet tooth without giving in to empty calories.

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