Trader Joe’s Organic Fruit Flavored Snacks Reviews

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Gummies made with fruit juice concentrate and other natural flavors. Each box comes with five packets.

4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Fruit Flavored Snacks Reviews

  1. tjsreviews

    I’m sorry, but these were really gross in my opinion! I wasn’t expecting anything mind-glowingly delicious from some basic fruit gummies, but I couldn’t eat more than two pieces in one packet before getting rid of it. The texture is too hard/waxy for what I was expecting, and the flavor was practically nonexistent. Not a pleasant snack experience, and not worth the calories (however few they likely are).

  2. Ken Reed

    I enjoy these a lot. Interestingly, the location where they are manufactured is missing from the packaging. Wish TJ’s was more transparent in their packaging and product information. Wouldn’t keep me from buying them either way.

  3. Vivian

    I didn’t love, but my kid did. And I find that Trader Joe’s stopped selling the only “healthy” alternative to normal gummies full of sugar and other bad stuff.
    Now I need to go to wholefoods to find something similar.
    Yes TJ has the fruit bars, but for kids is not the same.
    So sorry they don’t sell this anymore.

  4. Anonymous

    Seriously loved these. They were the only fruit snack to be allergy friendly. And then they stopped selling them, and no one knows who makes them! Come on!!

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