Trader Joe’s Parmiago Rosemary Rolls Reviews

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with Parmesan and Asiago cheese.

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Parmiago Rosemary Rolls Reviews

  1. Jeanne

    So upset that these are no longer carried in your store!! I e of my family’s fave items & we wish you’d bring them back!!

  2. Scott

    I specifically went to Trader Joe’s just to buy these wonderful rolls. Please bring them back. I promise I will do my usual and end up buying two bags of groceries in addition.

  3. Jonathan

    Trader Joe’s should listen to their customers and bring these back! They were the best bread product in the store!

  4. Anonymous

    I agree, bring the “Parm-iago Rosemary Rolls” back
    they are like NO OTHER rolls.

  5. David Brown

    Completely agree. These rolls were a weekly staple in my household. We bought 2-4 packages weekly. I would highly encourage TJ’s to bring them back. No other breads/rolls cime close!

  6. Lynne

    Can’t believe these are gone! Loved these rolls!

  7. Allison

    Everytime someone tells me they shop at Trader Joe’s I bring these rolls up. I like Trader Joe’s but I do complain about how you do not carry these anymore. Would you consider bringing these rolls back. I definitely shopped and bought more at Trader Joe’s when you had these rosemary parmesan rolls. I hope you will consider it.

  8. Casa Manzenita

    Favorite item number 7,839,715,718 of discontinued things from Trader Joe’s that I’m still broken hearted about.

    They were even good frozen for months then toasted in the oven! Ugh. Dinner at our house is just not the same. Sandwiches are not the same. Life. Is not the same.

  9. Diana Rooney

    Craving these delicious rolls. They were a staple in our house too. And another reason for going to Trader Joes more often. Hubby used to take sandwiches on fishing boat with these rolls and the rosemary ham + cheese + avocado. Guests used to ooo and ahhhh over the sandwiches. Quick to put a snack sandwich together in a minute for grandkids because I always had them on hand! Tears in our eyes without these delicious and unique rolls!

  10. Jeffrey Sassenhagen

    Why aren’t these available this year for Turkey Day? I am so disappointed. Trader Joe’s should reconsider

  11. Tina

    I still look for these rolls hoping they will be back!! Please please! Can’t find a replacement! They were so delicious and a staple in our house!

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