Trader Joe’s Organic Very Green Soup Reviews

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with spinach, kale, broccoli, coconut milk, and miso.

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15 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Very Green Soup Reviews

  1. Tamara

    So delicious and light…so pleased to try this new soup….sooooooo good

  2. Spring

    I’m a big fan of this soup, light and healthy.

  3. Gina T

    Delicious! Vegan without compromising any flavor! I hope it is here to stay, because I will buy it regularly.

  4. Rebekah

    Love this! Definitely my favorite new item. Light, healthy and VERY flavorful. I have been enjoying it almost every day for a few weeks now. Please keep this around!

  5. Birdy

    It was just “OK”. With miso called out I was expecting more Asian flavor. I ate it all and didn’t dislike it, but I won’t buy it again

  6. Nikki

    More delicious than I anticipated- creamy without being cloying like other dairy based cream soups and has a great flavor. Would recommend and definitely buying again.

  7. Corinne Geller

    Absolutely love this soup! I eat it cold with a TJ toasted crumpet. Please keep this! I can eat this on the go since it’s so yummy cold. Living in Florida

  8. Ida

    This is a spin on Caribbean Callaloo soup. Similar taste and idea. It’s pretty decent and is a good light soup with decent flavor.

  9. Ramla B

    10/10 Don’t think about it, just buy it. Flavorful and filling, not to mention it’s healthy. I plan to stock up.

  10. Robert Barra

    Wonderful PLEASE keep it in stock THANK You

  11. Cynthia

    Very light and healthy. I’m more of a carnivore, so this is a great way to get veggies down all at once!

  12. Sara T

    Just had it today on a rainy day. I enjoyed it ,it was so delicious. The sodium was a bit high. Otherwise please keep this in stock. Enjoyed the coconut milk.

  13. G. H.

    This soup was soooooo delicious! I went back to get a whole bunch of them so I could keep some in my freezer to always have on hand and they didn’t have anymore nor were they able to request more. PLEASE bring it back!!! Please keep it in stock regularly. It is so good and such a quick, healthy option for a fast meal!

  14. Sharon

    I just discovered this soup earlier this month. But when I went back to buy more yesterday, I was told it was only available from May to September! Why??? No!! Make this available all year round. Every time I love a product, it’s either discontinued or not in season. What makes this soup only seasonal? Kale and spinach, coconut milk and miso are available all year round. I quit going to stores that don’t care about my needs. I can’t believe I’m the only one that wants this soup all year. I add TJ’s packaged chicken to the soup, so I get the protein, good carbs and fats. It’s a meal.

  15. Raymond Ramadon

    Great soup, but don’t get used to it,, because it’s SEASONAL. Of course you don’t know that UNTIL ITS GONE !!! Thanks a lot TJ’s !!!!!

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