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23 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Mango & Chile Black Tea Reviews

  1. Wes

    I was really excited to see this in stock at my local TJ’s, as I love mango black tea (including Trader Joe’s regular mango black tea), and trying new/novel teas in general.

    Upon opening the tin (which is nice and sturdy, and comes with high-quality mesh-looking tea bags), I already was not a fan of the smell. A really intense combination of sweet and spicy. However, I was still willing to give it a try, so I steeped one in hot water for about 10 minutes and then started drinking it.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t take more than a few sips without abandoning it. This was not my “cup of tea” — literally! I guess it must be the inclusion of the chile, which I thought I would like, because otherwise I’ve never tried a mango or black tea that I disliked like this. As the smell indicated, it was both way too sweet and way too spicy at the same time. One or the other I could deal with, but I didn’t like the combination at all, and would definitely not drink this again. I’m hoping that one of my friends likes it, so that I don’t have to throw out the rest of the container. At least the tin is reusable!

  2. Lena

    I can see why some people might not like this tea — it’s really intense (both the smell and the taste), and definitely does taste like chile. I can’t decide completely how I feel about it. I don’t hate it, but I also don’t love it — it’s an intriguing combination of flavors and I really like the spiciness, but some of the underlying flavors taste “off” to me almost.

  3. J

    Chilled with Stevia – it’s pretty strangely good though almost makes me sneeze.

  4. Joshua

    I love this tea! Now it’s out of stock, and I’m buying it up on the internet at exorbitant prices. Please bring it back 🙁

  5. Melissa Mimms

    I love this tea and really hope you ring it back too!! It’s soooo good! Melissa in Ventura

  6. MLM

    I so miss this tea!! Please bring back

  7. Steph Sam

    Agreed – please bring it back! Such a great combination of spicy and fruity. One my favorite teas!

  8. Beth B

    I love this tea!! If you are expecting a sweet or fruity tea this is not the one for you. But is you like a bit of zip and spice, this is definitely one to try. Please bring it back!

  9. chanda

    I would call this tea an acquired taste.

    I bought it because I was intrigued by the combination. I am not usually a fan of fruit flavored teas, but the chili sounded interesting. I have to admit, I did not really like the first sip. I finished the glass – but mentally chalked it up to another experimental tea that I wouldn’t buy again. After the flavor rolled around in my mouth for a bit, though, I decided that I really did sort of like it – particularly the bit of heat from the chili – and gave it another shot. I’m glad that I did!

    I absolutely love this tea now. I drink it hot with a bit of Sweet-n-Low. It pairs beautifully with spicy Indian foods or is delicious by itself when I want something a little more… interesting… than my usual favorites, Jasmine or Oolong.

    I hear that it’s been discontinued now? If so, that’s very disappointing! Please bring it back!

  10. KatieH

    I am usually a green tea drinker, but this was a great flavor combo. Please bring it back! The black with just mango is a meh substitute. I used to get excited about the pumpkin spice rooibos, but this took its place.

  11. Marie Kirk

    LOVE this tea. My friends love it, too. They drank up most of my supply. Amazon sellers charging $22 for 2 pack. Please consider bring it back–at least seasonally!

  12. Joel Hector

    I love this tea. I had a stash but no more. Please bring this back!

  13. Vin

    Great tea!! miss it every morning.. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!!

  14. Emily

    Love this tea! Really sad to not see it when I went back to restock… would really love it if trader joe’s could bring it back!!

  15. D carroll

    I stocked up last year, had the last tea bag yesterday! Please bring this tea back! It’s fantastic!

  16. Marion recktenwald

    I miss this tea. Please bring it back. It tastes great and is organic. You don’t carry enough organic teas anyhow. I look forward to seeing this tea in your stores soon. and I will right away purchase 10 boxes

  17. Don Sharton

    I loved this tea in the evening after dinner. So sad to see it wasn’t in the store earlier this year and still not back during the fall. Please bring it back!

  18. chris dugan

    Was hoping this would be back for the winter season… love this tea!

  19. D A Hefelfinger

    PLEASE bring back Mango Black Tea. its great and does not get bitter quickly. what kind of black tea is in it and who is the maker since you dont seem to care about selling anymore. also great iced in summer.

  20. Shirley Jarrett

    Please bring it back love it

  21. Victoria Bender

    I am obsessed with this tea! Please bring it back. It is hands down the best tea I have ever had. I can’t find anything like it.

  22. Christmas

    I have had some forever as it last in that little tin, I love it. So I hope they get it back soon.

  23. Vilunya Diskin

    I love this tea. Mango and Chile w/black tea is a winner. PLEASE bring it back. I’ll buy a dozen tins myself!

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