Trader Joe’s Organic Lollipops Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Lollipops Reviews

  1. Greg

    Yum! These are really tasty. At first I kind of convinced myself they weren’t that good, because the appearance is so boring/straightforward, not like normal candy flare. But after enjoying more of them, I’ll definitely be buying these again. A good low-calorie treat to keep around.

  2. Caitlin

    Love these. Great flavors with a nice “clean” finish. Doesn’t taste syrupy, unlike a lot of hard candies. I like that these are all natural with plant-based flavors/colors. No HFCS or weird additives! I keep them on hand for when I need a quick, low-cal sweet treat and I will be passing these out as Halloween treats too!

  3. n

    everyone needs to taste these mouthwatering, delicious lollipops. they make me want to scream out in pleasure. these pussy poppers are ambrosial, incredible flavor choices.

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