Trader Joe’s Organic Kosher Hot & Spicy Dill Pickle Chips Reviews

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26 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Kosher Hot & Spicy Dill Pickle Chips Reviews

  1. Gelato Jill

    These pickles are tart, delicious and ready to put on a burger or a sandwich. I’m so glad Trader Joe’s has a product like this so I don’t have to buy inferior pickles at a regular grocery store.

  2. Melanie

    Obsessed but they’re gone now 🙁

  3. kc

    My favorite ever! Why are they gone??

  4. Anonymous

    PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!! The best pickles. EVER!

  5. B.J. West

    My favorite pickle…flavorful, spicy, tangy & hot…why does Trader Joe’s cycle out so many of their best products?!

  6. Shannon

    I love dill pickles and I love spicy food. These are both of those things and they are oh so delicious. They’re not the usual limp pickle chip that you’re used to. These are super crunchy, the way a pickle should be. Keep these around TJ!

  7. Nadine R Colquitt

    Trader Joe’s broke my heart by taking away my favorite pickles. I don’t know what I am going to do now. No one else has anything better.

    Please bring them back

  8. Barbara

    I positively love these. Why are they discontinuing??? I am so bummed………I have even tried to contact T.J.’s about who makes the pickles for them……they won’t tell me.

  9. Bruce

    Drove 3 hours last weekend to get these pickles, not known they were no longer available. I found these about 3 years ago
    been going to TJ ever since just for the pickles. Always bought other stuff while we were there. Last weekend I went to 2 stores in our state to find these. No luck, I was frustrated they no longer carry these. I did not purchase anything. No need to go back to TJ anymore. I will have to find another source for this style of pickles.

  10. Tiffany Thomas

    I had just recently discovered them! I went through a jar a week! The last time I went in they said they weren’t on the discontinued list but they did have a manufacture delay. Hope this helps! You can always ask a manager if items have been discontinued or if they are just having a delay. Xx

  11. Katie Gibble

    These pickles are my absolute favorite! I go to Trader Joe’s just for these and then of course buy other items. I am beyond sad that they no longer in stock… please bring them back!!! I NEED these pickles.

  12. H.E

    I love these and really devastated they are gone! Please find another vendor that can bring these back!

  13. Dustin

    I agree, these pickles are the best I have ever had. I usually ate a whole jar at a time because I could not stop eating them. They are writer 3x the normal price in my opinion. If anyone knows where to find them or pickles that taste similar, please share.

  14. Christine

    Love these pickles!! So tasty and no sugar!!! That’s hard to find with pickles. Loved to put them on my tuna salad and to eat them out of the jar!!

  15. Terry

    I’m so bummed they don’t have these any more. I live in fear of when they will discontinue bomba (toasted sour dough, butter, bomba & cheddar … Dinner 3 nights a week now that kids are gone and I don’t have to be a good example!). But back to the pickles. Anyone have any idea who the supplier was? Or a close proximity? Not a fan of Wickles. Oh boy do I miss these pickles. Half a jar left. I’m saving them for the zombie apocalypse. Even covid isn’t enough to finish off my store! Help!

  16. Paul A. Gunn

    These WERE great pickles. They been discontinued in the stores in Arizona. So sad.

  17. Kitty

    These are the absolute best pickles! Alone, on sandwiches, with a cheese board… PLEASE BRING THEM BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

  18. Katie

    I had no idea until today that my absolute favorite pickles on the planet are discontinued. Today was my first time in TJ’s since quarantine happened in March. I nearly cried in the store when I saw my beloved pickles are no longer being sold. PLEASE bring them back, PLEASE! I eat a jar in one sitting, ha! For all three of my pregnancies, my husband would stock extra for me because I am so obsessed. SO SAD – bring them back, so I can be whole again! 🙂

  19. Anonymous

    Amazing pickles. I hate IT when Trader Joes does this. They bring in a great product and disconnect them for NO apparent reason. Makes me so sick.

  20. Anonymous

    Please, please bring back those pickles. They are the best! Can’t find the same product anywhere.

  21. V S

    Please reintroduce “Organic Kosher Hot & Spicy Dill Pickle Chips” to your shelves.

    If possible, notify me so I can get a pickup truck load!!!!

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  23. Cherie Brown Kardelis

    Please bring these pickles back – absolutely best snack ever. All other pickles have tons of sugar. Please let us know when available for purchase.

  24. Roger

    Bring back my damn pickles!!! When they were discontinued the Covid outbreak happened. Clearly these pickles kept Covid at bay. Save the world T.J.!

  25. Diana

    Why does Trader Joe’s do this all the time???????? I have been shopping here for at least 6-7 years and I have had 5-6 items that I absolutely LOVED discontinued on me. I just recently started on a higher protein less carb diet(keto) and these pickles were perfect for my lettuce wrapped sandwiches. They had no sugar and just enough spice. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!

  26. WJ

    PLEASE bring these back!!! These were the absolute best pickles I have ever come across, no other pickles at stores come close to these

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