Trader Joe’s Organic Cascatelli Pasta Reviews

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Organic Italian artisan pasta.

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Cascatelli Pasta Reviews

  1. David Vize

    I was born and raised in Italy. Trader Joe’s pasta is generally satisfactory for Italian standards. These organic cascatelli are an exception though. They are simply bad. Italians would deem them inedible. They went straight to the trash together with the second unopened bag. Be cautious with these fancy formats which are big on glamour and low in quality.

  2. Jane

    Terrible. Followed the directions exactly and got tasteless mush.

  3. Pashman Lover

    I don’t understand the other reviews … at all. I followed Dan Pashman’s journey and wanted to try Cascatelli. It was everything I expected and more! Cascatelli is so good!

  4. Anonymous

    Great for picking up sauce and has a great chew. One of my favorite shapes now

  5. Nope

    the ruffled ridges fall off and the pasta tastes weirdly sweet with an off flavor, like if someone put nutmeg in there.

  6. Carrie Fisher

    I love the Sporkful and was so excited to try the Sfogliani Cascatelli that I ordered 4 boxes right away. When I saw they were also available on Trader Joes I got them as well. I noticed the cooking time is less and it falls apart a little more easily than the original, but still very saucable, tooth-sinkabke, and forkable. I haven’t tried them next to each other, but this is still my favorite pasta shape now

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