Trader Joe’s Organic Black Bean Rotini Pasta Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Black Bean Rotini Pasta Reviews

  1. Shawna

    I recommend giving the pasta a quick rinse after cooking. The fiber and protein content is unreal, but it needs quite a bit of doctoring to taste good. I made some roasted chili lime chicken and tossed the pasta with the chicken, olive oil, salt, pepper, sauteed red bell pepper, and Parmesan. It made a great high protein meal.

  2. Susan

    This is one of the few really horrible Trader Joe’s products I have tried. Hated it. Super disgusting. And other readers of my blog commented that they, too, found it inedible.
    Full review and photos here (I gave it 0 stars, but that isn’t possible on this rating site, so I will give it 1… )

  3. Wendy

    I have never written a review before for food but this black bean rotini is one of the worst foods I have ever had. Plain it is in edible. We put TJ’s pesto on it and that made it edible … barely…We each had about 1/2 cup of it before we could eat no more and threw it all out. The taste left in our mouth was awful. I figured I needed something stronger than water to wash it away. I decided to have a some of my favorite adult beverage. The taste in my mouth ruined the taste of my favorite beverage. Which led to me throwing out the remainder of my drink. I forgot about TJ’s return policy and threw out the rest of the uncooked pasta. Just for the record we love TJ’s and love trying new food from TJ’s. But no one could ever convince me to purchase Black Bean Rotini again. If zero stars was an option, that would be what I choose.

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