Trader Joe’s Organic Beef Sirloin Roast Reviews

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Fully cooked and seasoned.

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Beef Sirloin Roast Reviews

  1. SJ Morrissey

    This is the absolute best thing I’ve ever purchased from Trader Joe’s. People believed I had been slaving over it all day when really it only took 5 minutes in the microwave.

  2. Chris

    Maybe I received a bad one but the smell upon opening was unbearable. It was well within the use by date and kept refrigerated. As I write this the whole house reeks. Feeling lucky I decided to cook it and see if the smell would perhaps improve which it did somewhat. What emerged from the oven was a dried out lump. The taste indicates that it was probably safe but I couldn’t get through two fork fulls before almost retching from the smell. It was quite expensive so I can’t in good conscious recommend it and am sorry I bought it. Blecch.

  3. Jayne

    I will be buying this again
    It was wonderful juicy tender and tasted good I did not put it in the microwave though give it a five

  4. Linda Muldoon

    I will purchase this product again ! I actually purchased a second one for my mother in law who loved it also.
    Fully cooked to perfection and thinly sliced in it’s juices it was great cold in a salad and in a sandwich warm with butternut squash. It is such a nice go to when you have a busy schedule.

  5. Scott

    Very good, warm or cold in a sandwich with lettuce and mayo. The slicing is a real plus!

  6. Nick

    Very good. Don’t microwave it if you care at all

  7. Guido Walter

    I like the taste. Today I found out that it is imported from Australia and processed in NJ. Why don’t they say that on the package. TJ also tells me that it may contain antibiotics.

  8. Anonymous

    It do be good tho

  9. Val

    Am eating it right now! I always enjoy it and sometimes have it with eggs in the morning. It’s a great pick-me-up when I want a snack. I’ve always been pleased with the purchase and enjoyed it!

  10. Josh Cruze

    I Love This Product. I Love Beef. At Seventy One And Diagnosed With Incurable Multiple Myeloma I Have To Be Very Careful. I Went To Trader Joes To Buy Their Cooked Chicken White Meat Strips That I Love. I Noticed A Box With The Photo Of The Beef Sirloin On It. I Read The Ingredients And How To Cook It. It Read Fully Cooked. So I Took A Chance. I Went Home And Followed The Instruction On The Box. I Served Myself A Few Slices And Enjoyed Serving With A Nice Salad. I Loved It. The Taste Was Wonderful And Juicy. If You Like Well Prepared And Cooked Beef Sirloin I Highly Recommend Trader Joes Grass Fed Beef Sirloin Roast.

  11. Kelly M

    This is suprisingly delish, no fat and good flavor. Heat in a cast iron pan with a little butter for a minute or two and put it on a healthy whole grain bread and what an awesome sammy you got! Remember its cooked dont over heat it.

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