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16 reviews for Trader Joe’s Uncured Beef Hot Dogs Reviews

  1. Lars Phillips

    This was a great product. Sadly it seems to no longer be available and has been replaced by the truly horrible Organic Grass-Fed Uncured Beef Hot Dogs and the less horrible Certified Angus Beef Franks (neither of which I will buy again).

  2. david sommers

    I agree, these were my favorite hotdogs, will not be buying hotdogs from Trader Joes, Grass fed is worded to charge more money for less product.
    Was upset when I couldn’t find these and was lied to by Trader joe’s employe who promised these would be back in stock by end of June 2020. Not!

  3. Tatyana Eckstrand

    I agree with the above reviews. These were our favorite hot dogs. Since they weren’t in stock last time, we tried the Organic Grass-Fed Uncured Beef Hot Dogs and did not care for them nearly as much. Also, the Grass-Fed version contains minced onions which really bothered my stomach. TJ, PLEASE bring back the good old Uncured Beef Hot Dogs!

  4. Anonymous

    I had some today

  5. Char

    Please bring these back!!! We are not happy with the organic Grass-fed ones that are now in its spot 🙁

  6. Collins

    FUCK these hot dogs are good

  7. Sandy Kilmartin

    Trader Joe’s, what we’re thinking when you brought in the Organic
    Hot Dogs to replace the original ones you had been selling for years??? Bring back the uncured hot dogs!!!! The organic hot dogs are awful!!! You have millions of customers who want the original,
    we are good customers, listen and please bring the dogs back
    Thank you

  8. BDCThug

    The best commercially available hot dogs on the market. Not sure what people are talking about with it being hard to find. Neither of my TJ’s have seemed to have any issues.

  9. Tulio Meza

    Not a fan of your awful Organic Grass-Fed Uncured Beef Hot Dogs. Please, please bring back the blue labeled one.

  10. Floyd

    Best hot dogs anywhere, period – better than the famous kosher brands

  11. Rodes

    Just tried the Organic Grass-Fed Uncured Beef Hot Dogs. Horrible taste and texture. I’m with the other reviewers and want the original back. I won’t be buying this new version again. Plan to buy Nathan’s instead.

  12. Debbie

    Our favorite hotdogs !!!! Why did you discontinue them, been buying them for years. Big mistake Trader Joes!! The replacements are terrible, I won’t be buying them again ever. Please bring them back! My friends are disappointed also. Why would you get rid of such a loved product??

  13. Ruth

    Agree. A replacement is almost impossible to find. May stop eating hot dogs. Why were they discontinued? Can’t get a reason from management except that they are no longer being made. BOOOOOO! Bring back the Organic Tomatillo and Roasted Yellow Chilli Salsa too!

  14. Thea Trent

    Please bring back Trader Joes’ uncured Beef Hotdogs

  15. Kenneth Fanyo

    These are the best hot dogs I’ve ever found. So much so that when I learned they were discontinued I went searching in other stores for an acceptable alternative as Trader Joe’s clearly doesn’t have one. It turns out Wegmans has a good hot dog and, as I discovered, fruits, berries, and produce that seems almost too good to be true. I’d given up finding blackberries and tomatoes that ripe and sweet, and I never knew blueberries like theirs existed. More costly at Wegmans, to be sure, but MUCH more cost effective in terms of quality and in that nothing gets thrown away because it got too old. All in all, a blessing in disguise. Thanks, TJ!

  16. DaveB

    They’re BAAAACK!
    Just saw this product is back on the shelf, but in different packaging. FINALLY can have a decent HD again after years of trying everything else on the market. Still same great taste, texture, flavor!

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