Trader Joe’s Organic 100% Melon Juice Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic 100% Melon Juice Reviews

  1. Sibylle Swinney

    Hundred STARS!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Mad customer

    This was my favorite juice then trader Joe’s discontinued it. I emailed them they said it was for low sales but it was always sold out but I think it’s bullshit because it was my favorite juice.

  3. Justin

    Got to try it once, went back to buy 2 bottles to find out they were discontinued!

  4. Frankie Navisch

    Break, my sweet soft and kind heart. What little joy I have in this cruel word has been stripped of me. I shall never love again, and if I do it will be a shadow of the happiness that I experienced before I was so cruelly crushed by this discontinuation. Where is your decency Mr Joe? What goodness can there be when you rip such a delightful sliver of heaven from my withered unquenched hands.

    I will continue shopping at your stores, mostly for the dark chocolate pretzels but my gaping sadness shall follow me for the rest of my days. CURSE the people who made this decision and SHAME to those who never offered a chance to this beautiful creation

  5. Mitch P

    Irreplacable item. Some things should be left unchanged, discontinuing a cult classic is bad business.

  6. Angelita Hudson

    Dumb af to discontinue I’m starting to think it was 100% melon. It was just too good

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