Trader Joe’s Olive & Herbs Mixed Nuts Reviews

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A mix of seasoned & roasted almonds, cashews, pecans, and olives.


16 reviews for Trader Joe’s Olive & Herbs Mixed Nuts Reviews

  1. dguzman

    I love olives. I love almonds, cashews and especially pecans. So what could go wrong if you mixed them all together? This product is what could go wrong. I had my doubts, but gave it a try. Just horrible. I tossed 8 of the 10 ounces into the garbage can.

  2. Sunidaze

    I saw the other person’s terrible rating and must say that I totally disagree! My son brought these in one night and I just had to try them…The mixture of herbs, dried olives and nuts was absolutely delightful! It has surprising bursts of flavor that made me not want to stop eating! Delish!

  3. Danita

    I’ve never had a freeze dried olive so I was curious to try this mix. We liked it the flavors with the herbs. I like cashews and there is a fair amount in the mix. It’s a nice change for a nut mix.

  4. Carol S.

    So strange and unusual. The dominant herb flavor is oregano..a strong herb. I did not care for the texture nor the flavor of this mix. Too unexpected. My husband kind of liked them though but we did not put them out for company as planned.

  5. clair

    I had to throw them out. so horrible. made me feel kind of sick.

  6. Claire

    Well… will not buy more . Love Trader Joe’s, this one’s a miss. Bought yesterday, just googled and read the reviews then opened to try. Hmm, not savory…agree 100% with Carol S above. If I was on a deserted island and that’s all I had, I would cry.

  7. JR Clark

    A wonderful salty & savory snack mix with top notes of rosemary, it could do with a little counter point like maybe chopped dried figs or mini dark chocolate chips. I love this mix. I will go buy heaps more of it and if you didn’t like it, can I have the rest?

  8. Tom

    Love this mix, a little cheese, a nice glass of wine. It’s just about perfect.

  9. CR

    This is the best most unique “trail mix” I have ever tried! You can really taste the olives. I can’t eat dried fruit because of the sugar, so it is nice to find a savory mix that is not just nuts.

  10. RZ

    This nut mix is insane! I could eat the whole bag in one sitting. I’m definitely going to be using these on my cheese and charcuterie boards. Deliciousness!

  11. JM

    Been craving these since I first tried them a couple weeks ago. Really love the flavor and the olives put it over the top. Unfortunately, were not in stock last I checked.

  12. Judith Simon

    Very disappointed! I thought I would like them because I like the ingredients, and I love TJ’s other trail mixes, but this one just didn’t work. The taste and texture was wrong, and the aftertaste was even worse. My husband had to rinse and gargle with listerine twice to get rid of the aftertaste. This is the first time I ever threw away an item from TJ’s.

  13. Gary Simon

    Sorry, Trader Joe. Every now and then you really botch it.
    After a few bites, I had to stop. Then I had to gargle with Listerine. Twice.

  14. Sue

    I would have loved this blend if SUGAR was removed! What is it with recipes and SUGAR. Sometimes it may add to a recipe but not here. Alas too many people are addicted to sugar, so I imagine they figure it helps. Not people like me. It was a gift so at least I know before my next trip to TJs (the store I otherwise adore!).

  15. Robert

    I find them unusual but tasty. So different than your standard trail mix so can I understand why some don’t like these. Reminds me of Italian food flavors.

  16. Tara

    Love them! Sad they seem to only been seasonal, and wish more olives, but really love them!

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