Trader Joe’s Oat Chocolate Bars Reviews

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Made with oat milk.

7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Oat Chocolate Bars Reviews

  1. Ster

    These are really small and come in 3-packs, which I actually love. It makes it easier for portion control and to make it last longer! They’re about 140 calories each.

    As for the taste/texture, I really like it. It’s creamy and tastes good. Not the richest chocolate ever, but enjoyable. I hope they keep these in stock long-term because this is going to be a new go-to dessert for me.

  2. Anonymous

    These are delicious and a game changer for a person who is gluten and dairy free. The size of the bar is nice, a small sweet treat. Thank you Trader Joe’s for coming up with these!

  3. Anonymous

    its alright, nothing to right home about.

  4. NMer

    I love these! This is how a good oat “mylk” chocolate bar should taste and feel. Deep chocolate flavor. Hope they’re not discontinued…

  5. Burt Linnetz

    Good product, tastes great…….it will be taken away from us soon enough
    Doesn’t make sense to me, unless their marketing strategy is to piss us off

  6. Lee K

    Seems too sweet. I prefer TJ”s 85% cocoa from Uganda by way of Italy

  7. Joyce

    These are FANTASTIC!! So creamy and fudge-y and BEST OF ALL they are not only dairy-free but LOW IN FAT (only 1.5g/bar). So rare to find something so delicious but also dairy and almost fat-free.

    PLEASE, Trader Joe’s, BRING THEM BACK!!! I live in Folsom, California.

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