Trader Joe’s Nøkkelost Cheese Reviews

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Cow’s milk cheese infused with cumin and cloves.


8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Nøkkelost Cheese Reviews

  1. Mark Anderson

    Delicious Norwegian cheese, a true delicacy !
    The texture is similar to Swiss cheese, but has the festive flavors of cummin and clove. A perfect blend of flavors, typically sliced thin and served on hot toast.

  2. Paul Martin Hamann

    I am Marks cousin. we grew up with the stuff and this Nøkkelost Cheese is the real thing. the texture, color, flavor and seasoning is everything I remember and expected. I like it best on toasted rye bread with butter. I will be buying more.

  3. Mark

    please, please, please, please, please,
    please sell Nokkelost Cheese this season !!!!

  4. Joyce Lopez Mason

    Nokkelost is another cheese that should be sold throughout the year. However, since there are not that many, the holiday will have to do. I am the aunt of Mark, and Paul, however, when the cheese was bought it was given to all the family. Which if I am right was over 10 people. If you do sell it let us know so that all of the family can buy it on their own, and not just get it for gifts.

  5. Susie

    I discovered this last year and LOVE it!! Hoping it is coming soon! The Hallmark movies are on–I need my Christmas cheese!!❤

  6. Bacchus Brat

    My Wife’s family is part Norwegian and when I found this last year at Trader Joe’s they were ecstatic. This may be the best cheese that I have ever had. I truly hope that you will be carrying it again this year. I will be going in today and hope to find it.

  7. Mark

    Please …
    Trader Joe’s, bring back Nokkelist cheese
    Please ❤️

  8. Melissa

    Please bring this back!!!! Nokkelost is my favorite!

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