Trader Joe’s Narcissus Table Box Flowers Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Narcissus Table Box Flowers Reviews

  1. e. beal

    The box “looks” nice and will get “gifted” tomorrow night, and the recipient will definitely be able to reuse the cute box (not like the one in the photo, btw) next year. But there is a problem with it: No care instructions were included in the box tag…so I’m hoping I can find them someplace else (not at the TJ site…sigh) on the ‘net.

  2. Jennifer Smith

    My bulbs never bloomed! We got them in early December and they are still alive, but no blooms. Stalks are two feet tall.

  3. Kathy A

    My narcissus did not bloom at all. Leaves are over 2 feet tall but only one flower and it dried up without opening. Total waste of money. I loved the amaryllis bulbs Trader Joes had, but my store hasn’t carried them in at least 2 years.

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