Trader Joe’s Mint Flavored Chewing Gum Reviews

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Naturally flavored. Each packages comes with 15 pieces.

31 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mint Flavored Chewing Gum Reviews

  1. TK

    I feel so much better enjoying a few pieces of this naturally flavored gum that uses natural tree sap for its base. Flavor tastes real versus artificial. The texture is different than other commercial gums, softer and stickier but completely fine once you get used to it. I hope they don’t discontinue this one.

  2. Kelly

    The scam is such a wonderful product! It is the only gum that I will chew because it is not full of chemicals and it taste amazing!

  3. Chris Atoms

    Dear Mr. Joe,

    I am a big, big fan of your gum. It is delicious, really good, and amazing. Thank you Mr. Joe.

    Your biggest fan,

  4. f me

    yum in my tum tum

  5. Tom

    I just purchased it for the first time last week. I guess this is pretty new. It was good but not like “Oh Wow!” good. This gum didn’t seem as sugary like the well-known ones at the supermarkets. That was nice for me. But it seemed like it had a funky kind of flavor to it. Trader Joe’s has been selling Velamints gum and I prefer that one.

  6. Elizabeth

    Be careful, this gum is more adherent than most. Sticks to fillings. I managed to get some on my lips and getting it off caused abrasions. It was alarming. Great flavor and probably useful as backup for rubber cement in an emergency.

  7. Pierre Schutz

    Sticks to almost anything dentutes in particular . Not much flavor, looks like small animal poop. Works great for plugging small holes. Purchased 1 pack, chewed 1 gum. Tossed the rest of the pack.

  8. Anonymous

    This gum was an absolute abomination, I had to stop at the local gas station to get some actual real gum. I wouldn’t even recommend this in a emergency, this gum would be better to throw than chew. only good thing about it was the packaging but that’s clearly where all the development went into this product.

  9. Josefina veliz

    Me encanta es mucho mejor que otros chicles

  10. Catherine

    Absolutely horrible gum. Pretty tasteless, quickly turns weird in the mouth. The worst is when one tries to dispose of it and it sticks to fingers like superglue. It took rubbing alcohol to remove the remnants from multiple fingers. Tossing the two packages I bought.

  11. Sarah

    This gum is awful awful. I was chewing it for about 30 minutes and it quickly turned to nearly liquid in my mouth. I had to spit it out in front of a colleague because it had lost all of its mass. Very gross.

  12. El

    This gum was disgusting. It disintegrated in my mouth after about 5 minutes. I usually like TJ’s stuff, but I cannot understand how this gum made it through testing. It’s the worst gum I’ve ever tried.

  13. Anonymous

    good texture + flavor!

  14. NinaFL

    Awful. Was ok for a few minutes and then it turned to a weirdy sticky mess, that was liquidy. Also stuck to my fingers when trying to remove. Gross

  15. ur mom

    my balls said it taste so good i got a kidney stone and then my pp went right up

  16. Laura

    I was so dissapointed with this gum. It tastes awful and it’s liquidy. I dumped two full packs. Never again

  17. Anonymous

    ass sap

  18. Anonymous

    it literal trash like bru

  19. Anonymous

    taste like the woods

  20. nrjewfbref

    This gum is great. To all the bad reviews, you just got bad packs lol. And to that one review saying they had to go to the gas station to get real gum, THIS is real gum. Its the gum that our ancestors chewed. Its gum from trees. The only problem is that I wish the flavor was stronger, it lasts long but the flavor is only strong at the start. You guys are wrong, its not liquidy at all. Fave gum.

  21. Anonymous

    Love it… natural, awesome!!!

  22. Christopher Fitch

    Wanting to know if it is gluten free,someone in our house is gluten-free . Other than that it’s yum gum.!.

  23. Nick

    this is unironically probably the worst gum I’ve ever had. Notice how all of the positive reviews are only talking about the “natural” elements of the gum rather than the taste or texture: that’s because the taste and texture are objectively horrible. Don’t buy gum solely because it has “all natural ingredients,” especially when you’d just throw it out immediately after

  24. Anonymous

    I really liked this gum because it tasted really natural. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who does not like gums that aren’t as sweet. Be careful, it does stick but the gum pack includes tiny paper wrappers to wrap up the gum when you’re done chewing. It’s really soft and minty.

  25. Kim

    Extremely sticky, sticks to my dental work.

  26. Shadow

    I have an allergy to Aspertain so this gum is something I cam actually have. Because it has natural I gridents it different then alot of gums, even other aspertain free ones I have had. It tend to eb more soft and liquidity then other aspertain free gums. But the package does have paper in it for your chewed gum so that is a nice added thing since it doesn’t firm up like other gums iv had. And yes it super sticky probably from the fact it uses tree gum instead of xythan gum

  27. Anonymous

    Disgusting and looks like rabbit pellet food. Nice try but I’ll stick with the chemical sticks.

  28. J.D. Ghost

    This is the worst gum I’ve ever had. The packaging sold me. The gum looks like little rabbit poop pellets. Taste is poop. Looks like poop. Smells like poop. Flavor doesn’t last. texture’s bad. They should be giving this away for free. I want to be reimbursed for the life I wasted chewing this awful stuff.

  29. NotZakk

    This gum could not possibly get any better. Love the way it tastes terrible and feels like you’re chomping on a melted Crayola crayon. Rated it a 3 star only because I never rate gum any higher than a 3. But as far as gum goes, this is best in class. What’s up with the wraps though?

  30. Selena Gomez


  31. Dan Huerta

    To all who read this and Traders Joe’s,
    I am so pleased to enter to your location on Lake, Pasadena California. It was clean and well taking care off. As I was walking to the cash register, I found a variety of natural gums on a deck display. My eyes pin pointed Trader Joe’s GUM naturally *Mint Flavored* and purchased the 15 piece pack. When I placed one pellet in my mouth “Wow” it reminded me of when I was a child and teen the gum back in the 80’s and 90’s were still had tree sap. Now and days who knows what is in there. Keep selling this gum! you have one new customer who will purchased many cases of this product. Five stars Joe! *****

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