Trader Joe’s Mini Basque Cheese Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mini Basque Cheese Reviews

  1. Marvin Matthews

    Purchased this today — first time, at Trader Joe’s in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I am amazed !!! Most grand, I shall be looking for it again soon. Perhaps other special stores will have this mini “Basque” magic cheese. I believe the price is also good. I would rate this most assuredly, 5 star

  2. Mickie Meyer

    Wow! This cheese was so flavorful and it will definitely be a part of my regular repertoire! This cheese, a bottle of Terrain wine and a good baguette is all you need for a perfect start to a lovely evening!

  3. John Thorne

    My favorite cheese at Trader Joe’s (there have been some Spotlight cheeses I’ve liked almost as much, but they’re always gone when I go back to stock up). I love sheeps’ milk cheeses when they aren’t rock hard and overly salted (yeah, I’m looking at you, Pecorino Romano). This one is easy to slice and easier to eat — tangy, rich, and with its own distinctive flavor. Its big brother, Petit Basque, costs at least twice as much and isn’t all that much better. Always first item on our shopping list when we go to Joe’s.

  4. Jennifer Goodwin

    I love this cheese! One Question, is the thin layer of wax edible?

  5. Sara

    My favorite cheese of all cheeses and I discovered pairing it with trader Joe’s chalkidiki olives makes my taste buds soar.

  6. Jenny

    I’m a real cheese lover. My favorite of ALL foods. But this cheese is the best I have ever had. It’s like a combination of a good cheddar with Gruyère and an extra soft double cream Gouda. Wonderful!

  7. Anonymous

    What a lovely cheese….now I have to keep making a trip to Trader Joe’s for it….

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