Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins Reviews

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13 reviews for Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins Reviews

  1. Dan Miller

    While at the Los Altos store (Long Beach, CA) we could not find your milk chocolate covered raisins; I was told Trader Joe’s has discontinued carrying this product.

    If that is true, consider this a complaint. This product is one of our routine purchases and hope management reconsiders this decision.

    The same can be said about TJ’s discontinuing the carrying of marinated mushrooms. Small complete mushrooms in garlic and in a tall slender jar. I don’t recall the brand. At first I was told it was a seasonal item which was not true. Then when I was told about the chocolate raisins I was also told the mushrooms were discontinued. I was disappointed with the decision and with being proved with untrue info.

  2. Barbara Miskin

    Please bring back milk chocolate covered raisins! I don’t like dark chocolate, it’s too bitter for me. The milk chocolate covered raisins were my favorite snack. Please bring them back!

  3. Patrick Harrington

    Milk chocolate covered raisins need to be brought back. They were the best. In my visit tonight, it looked like all of the milk chocolate products had been pulled. This customer loves milk chocolate. Is this some kind of PC thing? TJ eliminating food perceieved to be less healthy?

  4. Jeffrey Edwards

    Agreed, bring back the milk chocolate raisins. Hands down my favorite and one of the only reason I buy some of my groceries from there. Now that they are gone, I find myself more and more going elsewhere.

  5. Lana

    OMG, horror, so what I thought is true: they discontinued the milk chocolate covered raisins????!!!! Whyyyyyy??????!!!! I kept hoping every time I go shopping it is just out of stock :(((((

  6. Annie

    These definitely need to be brought back. They were the perfect chocolate covered raisins. No other brand is better! I’m so so so sad they’re gone. I still crave them and wish they were brought back. They are worlds better than the dark chocolate.

  7. Niko

    These milk chocolate raisins were so good, that not even the avid dark chocolate lovers in my household would pass them up for the dark chocolate kind. We were all SO disappointed to learn that they’d been discontinued, and we can only hope that they’ll be brought back in future. I still find myself looking for them out of habit whenever I go.

  8. Natasha Kewene-Hite

    Adding my opinion. As a lifetime fan of chocolate raisins, TJs milk chocolate raisins were my standard all time favorite treat and I was equally disappointed. PLEASE bring them back!!!!!

  9. Natasha Kewene-Hite

    I marked my review above as 1 to note my unhappiness for the removal of the chocolate raisins from your standard stock. I realize that perhaps it might reflect negatively on the product itself. TJs chocolate raisans are the BEST! Please bring them back!!

  10. Shannon

    If the milk chocolate covered raisins are not yet back at TJ’s – they need to be! They were the BEST. I’ve been missing them since they left and search for them anytime I go there, cannot find a brand that compares. Please bring them back!

  11. Stephanie

    Yes, bring back the perfect milk chocolate covered raisin. Americas needs them to comfort us. Do your part, TJs, to heal America!

  12. Melanie

    My one and only! I love these a little too much. Part of my daily intake. Thank you for these!

  13. Anonymous

    +1 Please bring these back. The milk chocolate covered raisins are far superior to the dark.

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