Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins Reviews

  1. EMA

    I thought I would give these a try considering they are supposed to be better for you then the ones you find at the movie theatre or supermarket. Well, not only have I enjoyed them, but, anyone who has snuck into my refrigerator (i like them chilled) has as well. When I go to TJ’s I have to pick up three boxes for other’s homes, hahaha..

  2. shannon

    These are a good! I typically choose dark over milk chocolate, but in the case of TJ chocolate covered raisins the milk chocolate was my go-to and I preferred them over the dark for this particular product. If the milk chocolate covered raisins are not yet back at TJ’s – they need to be! They were the BEST. I’ve been missing them since they left and search for them anytime I go there, I cannot find a brand that compares. Please bring them back!

  3. Craig

    Right up there with the dark chocolate PB cups – which are just a hair more addictive. Just superb.

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