Trader Joe’s Matar Paneer Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Matar Paneer Reviews

  1. Ash Sha

    I normally am a big Trader Joe’s fan, but generally it’s a good idea to avoid Indian food in a can. Indian food is usually made after a long, pain staking process and should not be sold in a tin. There’s nothing convenient about Indian food. It’s delicious, it’s filling, and it can be healthy, but it doesn’t quite fit the “quick fix” society many of us live in today.
    Having said that, I tried some of this at a friend’s house even after I repeatedly warned him against it. Quite predictably I felt very sick after. I’m disappointed that Trader Joe’s would sell Indian food in a such a cheap way. I can understand buying baked beans in a can, even some vegetables canned, but never Indian food. If you need a quick fix I would try their frozen entrees, but avoid this like the plague.

  2. stevenp

    STRONGLY disagree. This stuff is very tasty, moderately spicy, lots of paneer cubes that have a nice firm texture–nothing mushy here. I would be happy if I was served this in a good Indian restaurant. Their oher canned Indian entrees are also very good, a bit better overall than the pouch entrees (which aren’t bad). All natural ingredients, no chemicals. And no reason why canned food should be avoided. No problem with eating Indian food that someone else took the time to prepare and package, as a “quick fix.” I’ve had upscale Indian food many times, and the real deal in my few visits to India. This doesn’t disappoint!

  3. jp

    I tthink this tastes just as good as buying it fresh from and Indian restaurant. I am disappointed in my last vists to the store and was told it was discontinued. Please bring it back

  4. Barbbchicago

    It is tasty but pretty spicy with hot spices. I should know better and check the heat level of x or y product but it wd be helpful to have the hot spices listed so consumers know whether it matches their food preference.

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