Trader Joe’s Paneer Masala Naan Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Paneer Masala Naan Reviews

  1. Anand Pandya

    This is my favorite bread product for a snack after I get home from work. The spiced cheese filling makes it very flavorful and it is easy to get the perfect texture (slightly crunchy on the outside but basically light and chewy) in under 2 minutes (plus pre-heating time but I cheat and stick it in a few minutes before the oven is completely heated and it still turns out fine.)

  2. jo

    Tastes like cilantro bread and no paneer in it. Sign at TJ’s says “stuffed with paneer.” Nope. No trace of it.

  3. Gary

    It is a bit misnamed, as you don’t find any little chunks of paneer. It’s more like aloo naan, with the chopped onion and spices. However, it’s GOOD! This goes very well with the Chicken or Paneer Tikka Masala, Lamb Vindaloo, and Palak Paneer. I put it in a stand-up toaster. I have a Braun HT600 which has one very long slot, so the bread fits nicely in it. If you use your toaster settings right, the bread will be sufficiently hot and not burned or dried out. And much faster than baking!

  4. Mr. G

    Local TJ in IL stated that it’s discontinued.. not sure why, but they left plain and with garlic.. 🙁

  5. Ed S.

    Outstanding bread, no cilantro whatsoever which is one reason we like it so much. It goes well with many spicy meals. For whatever reason, TJ’s discontinued another great item despite the raves we even heard from employees.

    I don’t know what’s happening with the decision makers at TJ’s but they certainly know how to hurt business by eliminating popular products. We shop there a lot less than we used to because they removed items like Mezzetta Cream Style Horseradish, chocolate dilemma cheesecake, chocolate ganache torte as well among others. Undependable.

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