Trader Joe’s Maple Walnut Blondies Reviews

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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Maple Walnut Blondies Reviews

  1. Kerry

    These are really rich and delicious. You could easily cut them in half and still enjoy a good dessert. They freeze well, too!

  2. Pat Palmer

    Delicious. How good would these be with a scoop of maple-walnut ice cream on top. I intend to get some and freeze to have a great dessert ready whenever the need arises. We have a great source of maple walnut ice cream.

  3. Kalisa

    Absolutely delicious! Very rich, soft and chewy!!

  4. sawsan

    My favorite things in the whole world! I seriously cannot stop eating them. These blondies are dangerous! The texture is outstanding and the flavors of the walnuts and maple syrup go together perfectly

  5. bruno

    Yeah, they’re delicious, if I could just find some. Where’d they go? Been to several locations. Not available. Temporary? Bueller?

  6. Rosemary

    Please bring them back!

  7. Barbara Conover

    Delicious !! Bring them back !!!

  8. Barbara Conover

    Delicious !! I hope you’ll carry them again ?

  9. Leslie Leibbrandt

    Incredibly moist and so delicious. Would love to see them back in the stores.

  10. Lenore

    Bring these back! Pleeease. These were literally my favorite thing at Trader Joe’s. I used to drive half an hour past my local grocery store just to be able to pick these up on a grocery run. They were kind of crispy on the pan side, tender with delicious butter, had a maple flavor but not too strong, and a flaky top. The journey of textures in one bite! The burst of flavor! Just seeing the photos makes me want to drive 45 minutes to my nearest Trader Joe’s. I am imploring you to get the formula from the manufacturer and do what you can to bring these back!
    (yeah, I’m exaggerating, but also… I’m completely serious. These were the best things Trader Joe’s ever did. possibly except the chocolate covered ginger pieces, which are also now gone.)

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