Trader Joe’s Maple Streusel Bread Reviews

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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Maple Streusel Bread Reviews

  1. Regan

    I didn’t know it was possible to get this excited over morning toast. It’s a flavor explosion in your mouth. It’s delicious as is but toasted, with a pat of salted butter, it is heaven. The flavors are robust without being overpowering. Perfectly balanced. Delightfully sweet. Maple and cinnamon and fall and just yum. Buy this bread.

  2. Sean

    This just may be my favorite Trader Joe’s item of all time. It is certainly far up the list. I love maple, and you can tell no corners were cut in terms of quality and taste here. Beautiful heated in the microwave. Makes unbeatable french toast. And so good I just have to have a slice or two before I exit the parking lot. Wish it were available year round.

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