Trader Joe’s Pancake Bread Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Pancake Bread Reviews

  1. Wes

    This did taste somewhat like pancakes; not necessarily as strong as I was expecting but reminiscent. It’s definitely a dessert (in case there was any confusion), with all of the high-calorie unhealthy aspects that come with it. I enjoyed what I ate of it, but ultimately I felt like it wasn’t worth the calories. If I’m going to eat a big dessert, I would choose a different pastry (or other item) over this next time. Fun for the novelty experience, though!

  2. We love the wet sand!

    I love all things pound cake and pound cake-like so I could eat the entire loaf in one sitting.
    A co-worker said the sugar on top was like wet sand but we love the wet sand!!

  3. S

    Moist. Kinda taste like pancake with crumbly sugar on top. Medium sweet like a 7.

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